15 Amazing Health Benefits of Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg Oil benefits includes supporting respiratory health, acting as natural painkiller, relieving pms symptoms, preventing and treating indigestion, improving blood circulation, supporting brain health and eliminating bad breath. Other benefits includes supporting liver health, treating insomnia, treating leukemia, regulating blood pressure, relieving heart diseases, supporting skin health, supporting hair health and reducing swelling.

Spices and herbs are the life of the culinary world, but the best part is their nutritional value. Nutmeg is a spice that has various positive implications for the health of the human body, nutmeg oil is a derivative of the spice and is just as beneficial.


Nutmeg was being traded way before it was introduced to the European world around the 11th century.  It was first brought to Europe by Arab traders. The late introduction of the nutmeg tree to the European world is due to its limited distribution before this. Initially, it was used to flavor beer, before becoming a part of the culinary lives of the Europeans.

This spice originated in Pakistan and other countries in its vicinity.  The trade became eminent around the 16th century when ships sailed to Pakistan and Indian to get this exotic spice. The Portuguese import a good amount of nutmeg during this period. Later the Dutch claimed monopoly in the trade of this spice as the cultivation was quite limited.

The Dutch monopoly was broken by the French in the 18th century when they smuggled a few trees from the Banda islands which were the only place that grew nutmeg trees. The nutmeg oil is folates extracted from the spice by bruising and then steaming the nuts. This is best kept in stone jars, and the nutmeg butter can easily be kept wrapped in leaves to preserve the integrity.

Nutritional Value Of Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg oil contains many nutrients; the following amounts are based on a 100-gram serving of the oil

  • Protein 5.84 mg
  • Carbohydrates 49.29 mg
  • Dietary fiber 20.8 g
  • Folates 76 µg
  • Niacin 1.299 mg
  • Pyridoxine 0.160 mg
  • Riboflavin057 mg
  • Thiamin 0.346 mg
  • Vitamin A 102 IU
  • Vitamin C 3mg
  • Potassium 350 mg
  • Calcium 185 mg
  • Copper 1.027 m
  • Iron 3.04 mg
  • Magnesium 183 mg
  • Manganese 2.900 mg
  • Phosphorus 213 mg
  • Zinc 2.15 mg
  • Carotene- β 16 µg
  • Crypto-xanthin –β 90 µg

It also contains traces of lutein-zeaxanthin which is a powerful antioxidant.

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Nutmeg Oil

15 Amazing Benefits of Nutmeg Oil

The nutritional composition of this oil speaks for itself; we will further break down its health components and their effects on the human body.

1. Respiratory Health

Respiratory problems can be very uncomfortable to deal with and in some cases can be fatal. Nutmeg oil is a staple ingredient in many cough syrups and topical treatments for the chest.  It has properties that help displace the mucus and provide instant relief. It can be used in association with clove oil or on its own to treat respiratory disorders. A few drops in the diffuser and you will experience instant relief.

2. A Natural Painkiller

Although it may not be as strong as conventional medicine, nutmeg certainly does its pat as a pain reliever. Nutmeg is a natural sedative it helps calm the nerves and relaxes muscle pan. The Magnesium present in nutmeg helps reduce stress and joint pains. Nutmeg oil is used in topical and oral pain treatments.

3. Relieves PMS Symptoms

Nutmeg oil is very effective in reducing cramps and spasms. It also helps balance the hormones and has a calming effect on the mind which helps control mood swings and cravings associated with PMS.

4. Prevents And Treats Indigestion

Nutmeg is an effective remedy for stomach issues such as diarrhea and indigestion. It has antispasmodic properties that can relieve the body of unfavorable digestive issues such as flatulence and vomiting.

5. Improves Blood Circulation

The delicious aroma of nutmeg oil not only helps clear nasal passages but also acts as a stimulant for adequate blood circulation. Inhaling it can be very effective in increasing blood circulation which is necessary for the oxygenation of nutrients.

6. Healthier Brain

Nutmeg oil has amazing benefits for the mind and the body. The relaxing properties of this wonderful aroma help clear out the brain and improve brain function. It also has a calming effect on anxiety and also helps alleviate the mood. It is often used by therapists and is widely used in homeopathic medicine as well.

7. Eliminate Bad Breath

Nutmeg oil is antiseptic which naturally reduces any bacteria in the gums or teeth. It also helps reduce bad breath and replaces it with a subtle woody aroma. A drop added to your toothpaste in the morning can be a good solution to bad breath.

8. Liver Health

Nutmeg it is a part f various liver tonics. This is due to its stimulation properties that force the toxins out if the body and purifies the liver. A healthy liver can perform better and will stay healthy even in old age.

9. Treat Insomnia

People who suffer from insomnia have difficulty sleeping as they cannot calm themselves enough to fall asleep. Patients suffering from insomnia are also sufferers of anxiety which in some cases cause insomnia. Nutmeg oil can do wonders for these patients; its magnesium content can help clear out the mind and gather your thoughts which are necessary for falling asleep. It also reduces physical tension in the body and relaxes the mind.

10. Treating Leukemia

Nutmeg oil contains methanol compounds that induce cell death in damaged or affected cells. It is very effective in reducing the onset of leukemia, especially in younger children.

11. Regulates Blood Pressure

Nutmeg has the perfect combination to treat blood pressure-related issues. It contains potassium, magnesium, and phytonutrients that act as stimulators for blood flow and discourages spikes in the pressure.

12. Relieves Heart Diseases

The combination of Potassium and Zinc are ideal for treating any heart-related issues. It acts as a vasodilator and prevents the contraction f arteries and blood vessels which keep the cardiovascular system healthy and performing.

13. Skin Health

The stimulating and antiseptic properties of this oil are amazing at keeping the skin healthy and glowing. It also helps reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles. It protects the skin from infection and helps absorb serums and essence much more effectively. The next time you are doing your skin care routine a diffuser with a few drops of nutmeg oil will certainly help.

14. Shiny Hair

Nutmeg oil can be added to your weekly hair mask. It not only helps the follicles retain moisture but also acts as an antiseptic which can help in curing dandruff issues and bacteria from spreading.

15. Reduces Swelling

Nutmeg oil improves blood circulation and also displays anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce swelling and so promotes the healing of wounds. The potassium and zinc content improve the clotting mechanism, and the antiseptic properties help keep infections away from wounds.


Nutmeg oil is excellent for the body and mind. However, you need to be extremely careful with the quantities used for oral and topical use. If you are planning to make, DIY topical treatments make sure to add it to other carrier oils and masks and note apply directly.

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