10 Health Benefits of Punicic Acid

Punicic Acid health benefits includes promoting heart health, fighting cancer, acting as natural aphrodisiac, controlling and repairing sun and environmental damage on skin, promotes flawless skin, helps increase immunity, helps treat arthritis, improves memory, helps with hair growth and helps with weight loss.

What is Punicic Acid?

Punicic acid is a relatively new find; it is a poly-saturated fatty acid. The therapeutic and medical benefits are still being studied and experimented. Laboratory studies of punicic acid have found it to be instrumental in the treatment of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, macular degeneration. It is a potent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

The acid is considered essential to consume. The anti-inflammatory properties are necessary to ward off various health-damaging factors such as infectious bacteria, free radicals, and cancerous cells. In the article, you will find further health benefits associated with Punicic Acid.

Sources of Punicic Acid

You can reap punicic acid in abundance from the Pomegranate seed oil and snake gourd. Apart from this, it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin B5, polyphenol, fiber, potassium and rare Omega-5 fatty acids. The incredible thing about this oil is it has rich mineral content and has many health benefits.

For instance, the seed oil contains a fatty acid known as Punicic acid, it is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, prevents cardiovascular diseases, controls high blood pressure, ensures flawless skin and helps in hair growth and prevents damage. Also, a lot of laboratory work is underway to establish its various uses, dosage, and precautions.

10 Health Benefits of Punicic Acid

10 Health Benefits of Punicic Acid

This article will highlight the various health and beauty uses of Punicic acid extracted from pomegranate seed oil.

1. Promotes Heart Health

Punicic acid helps regulate cholesterol level in the body, and therefore it can prevent heart diseases caused by high cholesterol levels. It also controls high blood pressure.

2.  Anti-cancer

It is found to be a cancer fighting ingredient in laboratory studies; it prevents the growth of cancer cells by restraining an enzyme secretion called ornithine decarbolxylase (ODC) in the body, thus slowing down the growth of cancerous cells. The antioxidant properties of punicic acid prevents cell

The anti-oxidant properties of punicic acid prevents cell damage and restrict the growth of tumors, lab studies carried out n rats have shows significant antitumor affects on breast, colon and prostate cancer cells.

Multiple studies demonstrated the restraining effect of punicic acid on the multiplication of cancer cells in the breast; the omega-5poly saturated chains have also executed a programmed death of cancer cell. Regular use of punicic acid has shown to reduce growth of recurrent prostate cancer. It is the most widespread cancer type of men. In lab study revealed the inhibiting effect of punicic acid on the growth of cancerous cells.

3. Repair Skin Damage

One of the most valuable benefit of punicic acid is it doesn’t only protects sun damaged and aged skin from further damage, but it also enhances skins ability to repairs itself. It naturally changes the look of dull aged skin to firmer and younger.

It increase the number of keratinocytes cells, they make skin grow thick to enhance its barrier function against harmful UV rays and harsh environmental factor. We can safely say punicic acid works as an anti ageing treatment from both inside and outside, applying it n the skin provides UV protection while it boosts skins vitality from the inside and fights sun damage and wrinkles.

4. Natural Aphrodisiac

A research study conducted in Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh has found it to be a natural Viagra, it did not only increase the level of testosterone but had a positive effect on blood pressure and mood. Increase testosterone level is an indicator of sexual desire.

It is also beneficial in preventing and treating erectile dysfunction, animal studies have shown it to be a natural remedy for impotence.

5. Promotes Flawless Skin

It is rich in antioxidants, which helps protect the skin from harmful effects of free radicals, repairs the damaged and aged skin and promote collagen production. It also helps regulate the sebum production thus preventing black heads and acne from popping on the skin.

The nutrient rich, moisturizing oil, eaves the skin properties of punicic acid rejuvenates skin and leaves it soft and supple after application.

6. Increase Immunity

The anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties of punicic acid strengthen the immune system of your body to fight off infections and germs.

7.  Natural Arthritis Treatment

About 3 million cases of arthritis are reported each year in US only, punicic acid is one of the treatments prescribed for the debilitating disease, and it’s full of antioxidants called flavonoids, these antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties.

Research conducted on animals has established that an oral consumption of it reduces inflammation and joint pain considerably. It also controlled the severity of arthritis.

If you are already on arthritis medication you should consult your doctor before adding punicic acid supplements in your diet.

8. Improves Memory

Polyphenols are found abundantly in punicic acid, evidence based research and alternate medicine usage data suggests that the polyphenols may provide long lasting prevention against surgery induced memory loss.

The animal study data conducted by the Department of Psychology at Loma Linda University have shown that a regular consumption of punicic acid helps delay the onset and slow down the progression of dementia.

9. Promote Weight Loss

The in-vitro studies on lab rats have shown it to be very efficient in reduction of bad fats from the body. The flavanoids present in punicic acid reduces cholesterol level in a body, thus resulting in healthy weight loss.

10. Promote Long and Strong Hair

It is an amazing serum for hair growth and it also enhances the look and health of hair. It makes hair strong, lustrous and healthy; punicic has high vitamin content when it is massaged on to the scalp it increases blood circulation and gets absorbed into the scalp, it promotes healthy blood vessels. It has a natural moisturizer and provides ample nourishment to dry and damaged hair.

Punicic acid doesn’t only affect the look of hair but it takes care of the health of scalp and hair, therefore it fights off almost all hair problems, including dullness, itchy scalp, dandruff, hair fall and thinning of hair.

Bottom Line

So there you go – all the incredible benefits you can enjoy just by adding punicic acid in your daily diet!

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