10 Boric Acid Benefits and Uses

Boric Acid uses includes eliminating bugs, acting as eyewash, getting rid of roaches, act as ear drops, it’s a good antiseptic and treats yeast infections. Other uses includes killing fleas, curing toe fungus and other fungal infections, preventing cancer and detoxifying the body.

Boric acid- the name sounds intimidating but in truth is it one the most effective ingredients in home remedies and cures. This article aims to discuss the benefits that boric acid has for the human body.


Wilhelm Homberg was the scientist who first discovered this human-made chemical. In 1702, in his lab, he isolated boric acid crystals by mixing mineral acids, water, and Borax. The water to evaporated to extract the crystals; known as Homberg’s salt. With further research in Europe, the compound showed promising medical benefits.

Boric acid crystals resemble table salt closely, they are odorless, white and do not have any taste whatsoever. Minerals that boric acid is derived from are commonly found in dried salt lake beds or drylands.

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies widely use boric acid. It is one of the most commonly produced borates that is used in flame retardant, in manufacturing fiberglass and glass, in wood preservatives and pest control sprays.

What Is Boric Acid?

Also known as ascidium boricum, orthoboric acid, boraic acid and hydrogen borate, it is the weaker acid derivative of boron. Its naturally occurring form is known as sassolite. It has been in use since the time of Greeks and Roman for disinfecting and cleaning purposes. Pure forms of boric acid should not be taken internally or inhaled.

Boric acid is also a part of natural supplements of boron which is necessary for bone health and bone illnesses.

Food Sources Of Boron

Boric acid is a naturally occurring compound in several foods. The benefits of boric acids for human health are many, and it also shows certain antioxidant properties. Here are a few food sources of this water-soluble compound.

Boric acid has been a part of the food world for quite some time. It has been used as a fortifying agent in any processed foods as well. Since the naturally occurring food sources of this compound are limited, it is best to opt for nutritional supplements as prescribed by a physician.

Tolerable Intake Recommendation

The world health organization has been researching this compound since its discovery. Boric acid in large amounts is extremely lethal for the human body. The human body can tolerate an intake of 0.16mg per day and no more than that.

10 Boric Acid Benefits and Uses

Boric Acid uses

Boric acid provides a quick solution to various everyday problems and health issue that is discussed below.

1. Eliminate Bugs

Bu can be very annoying and are potentially dangerous, especially for babies. If there is any sign of a bug infestation or even a few bugs in your house you need to take immediate action and get rid of them. While most people prefer sprays, they are not as effective as boric acid. It can be combined with sugar in a 1:1 ratio and turned into tiny balls for tackling bugs. After preparing the balls sparsely scatter them in places that are likely to foster bugs in your house. Continues use will ensure complete elimination of the problem. But be very cautious and make sure that your children are unable to reach this remedy.

2. As An Eyewash

Boric acid has been in use as a way to clean eyes for ages. It was quite a popular practice among the Greeks and the Roans. Itchy eyes and dry eyes can be very uncomfortable, and the bacteria can lead to further irritations and problems. A mixture of Boric acid, Epsom salt, and warm water can be created to tackle this problem. This mixture is very effective in curing eye infections and is recommended as a cure for styles eyes.

3. Get Rid Of Roaches

Roaches are the most disgusting insects that can enter your living space. They carry large amounts of bacteria and multiply with the speed of light. It is best to get rid of them or take preventative measures especially in areas of the house where there is a potential for roaches. It can be mixed in with bacon grease to get rid of the pests. Roaches are attracted to bacon grease and will immediately succumb to temptation.

4. Ear Drops

Boric Acid is known for its antiseptic properties. Ears are as susceptible to infection as the eyes. However, boric acid purposes immediate relief in the form of drops. You are sure to notice an ingredient in your prescription ear drops, besides this, boric acid can also be used to make your version. Vinegar, distilled water, and boric acid can be used in very tiny quantities to make your ear drops. This will immediately get rid of any infection-causing bacteria and provide you relief.

5. As An Antiseptic

Wounds are open grounds for bacteria; even a small wound needs to be disinfected to prevent any further damage. It mixed in with distilled water can be applied using a cotton ball to the wound to clean it off. This helps to get rid of any potential infections that may be around the wound.

6. Yeast Infections

Yeast infections can be treated by the use of boric acid. Capsules filled with it can be placed in areas that are infected to treat the problem.

7. Fleas

If you have pets, it is natural that they will get infected with fleas at some point in their life. Pets also love spending time indoors on carpets and sofas, which can result in fleas rooming your living room floor. A quick fix is to add boric acid and distilled water to a spray bottle and spray it all over the furniture and carpet in the night and vacuum everything in the morning. Boric acid has the potential to kill these fleas in no time.

8. Antioxidant Properties

Experimental and toxicology journal conducted a study in 2010 studying the potential of it as an antioxidant. Boric acid has strong detoxifying properties that can clean the body from the inside and remove heavy metals from the bloodstream. The study concluded showing promising results.

9. Antifungal

Not only is it an antiseptic but it also shows antifungal properties. This is very effective in curing toe fungus and other fungal infections in the body.

10. Anti-Cancer Properties

A study published in 2009 studied the effects of it on melanoma a type of skin cancer. The study observed that the cancerous cells reduced in number when the dose of boric acid was increased. With further research boric acid can pose a potential cure for this disease.

Bottom Line

Boric acid has a good source of boron which can help deal with bone density loss and arthritis. It is also an excellent detoxifying agent which rids the blood of harmful metals. However, do not inhale or consume boric acid in its pure form. Always keep it out of the reach of children and take supplements when prescribed by the physician.

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