11 Impressive Benefits of Garlic Juice

Garlic Juice health benefits include fighting common cold, dealing with asthma, improving heart health, supporting immune system, preventing cancer, maintaining sugar level, fighting sore throat and cough, supporting skin and hair health, and promoting weight loss.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of garlic is probably the pungent odor. And it is the exact reason why many people don’t even care to know how beneficial this root vegetable can be. The truth is that it is a very beneficial plant that can keep you healthy in many different ways. You can consume it in various ways, but it is very useful in the form of juice.

You can make the juice yourself in various ways. Try peeling a few normal sized garlic cloves and mixing them in a food processor. Puree the garlic until you have a thick liquid. Place it in a strainer and press it lightly with a spatula to push the juice out. Next, use a coffee filter to make sure you have the purest extract. You can either take a few teaspoons of the juice alone or add it to other juices or water to decrease its potency. Drink a glass of milk after you take garlic juice to suppress the bad breath.

Nutrition Facts of Garlic Juice

A hundred grams of Garlic juice contains

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Garlic Juice

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Garlic Juice

1. Beat the Common Cold

The strong scent of garlic is just one thing, but it is a strong and active agent against the pesky common cold, and that’s what makes it special. According to a study conducted on 146 volunteers where they were in two groups, garlic can strengthen the body against common cold. The study published in “Advances in therapy,” one group was given placebo while the other one received garlic supplement for more than 12 weeks. The garlic group faced an average of 24 colds while the placebo group contracted 65. Garlic has the property to improve circulation, sweating and lung health along with its ability to fight viruses. All these properties make it a strong defense against the common cold.

2. Helps To Deal With Asthma

With the exceeding levels of air pollution, more and more people have to deal with asthma. You can control them by mixing a few drops of raw garlic juice with a glass of water and then consuming it. Garlic can promote easy breathing in people who suffer from the disease by inhibiting histamine release.

3. Improves Your Heart Health

Garlic helps keep the blood in your system running without any interference by reducing clotting and other stagnancies. It makes sure that you do not have to suffer from diseases like atherosclerosis by preventing the accumulation of fatty substances in the blood vessels. It also prevents plaques from forming inside your arteries. As a result, you can avoid strokes and heart attacks along with helping you fight against chronic blood pressure, which can lead to other heart diseases.

4. Strengthens Immune System

Garlic can strengthen your immune system, and when consumed as juice the effects are much more prominent. It contains the compound alliin which turns to allicin when chewed or crushed. This compound contains Sulphur which quickly converts to other compounds that fight off diseases. They can improve the response of blood cells against certain viruses.

5. Prevents Cancer

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center garlic can help prevent colon and stomach cancer when you consume it raw. Moreover, it is also a good way to deal with the effects of chemotherapy. The juice can also prevent tumor growth and decrease blood pressure.

6. Good For Your Heart

It is very important to take care of your heart health because with time our blood vessels become constrained and the blood flow is not as free as it is supposed to be. Sometimes, this happens because of the plaque and fats that develop inside the blood vessels. They are a result of high levels of bad LDL cholesterol. You can reduce it by including garlic juice in your diet because it is rich in antioxidants and gets rid of free radicals causing damage to your body.

7. Maintains Sugar Levels

Garlic helps in maintaining the level of sugar in your body through Vitamin b6. This vitamin metabolizes carbohydrates, and when combined with garlic’s Vitamin C content, it maintains the blood sugar level in your body.

8. Get Rid of Sore Throat and Cough

Sore throats and coughs can be quite common during the winter, but they can also be very irritating, especially if you are someone who uses their voice a lot, like a teacher. You may be able to soothe the effects of a cough and sore throat by consuming some garlic juice with hot water. You can even mix it with pomegranate juice to amplify its antioxidizing abilities.

9. Good for Your Hair and Skin

Applying some garlic juice to your skin can help get rid of acne. The antibacterial properties of garlic fight against the bacteria that cause acne on your skin. Applying garlic juice to your scalp can also strengthen hair follicles and make your hair stronger. You can mix it with other hair products or consume it to see the effects. Do not leave the juice on your skin for long as it will harm or burn the skin.

10. Helps In Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the biggest cause of avoidable death right after smoking. With time the epidemic is only getting worse as now it doesn’t just affect adult, but children are suffering from it as well. It can lead to numerous diseases that can not just bring down the quality of your life but also shorten it. You can deal with it by consuming garlic juice regularly as it can reduce the effects of bad LDL cholesterol. It also can boost your metabolic rate and help burn fat faster. When combined with regular exercise and proper diet the juice can be your best ally against obesity.

11. Treats Fungal Infections

Fungal infections can get worse, and the best way to deal with them is to avoid them at all cost. Garlic juice can fight the bacteria that cause certain fungal infections like athletes foot. Topically applying the juice to your skin can even help reduce itching and irritation.


Garlic is a very potent adversary against numerous diseases, and you too can benefit from its effects. If the odor bothers you too much, you can find several ways of dealing with it with a simple search on the internet. It is a very beneficial addition to your diet for a healthy life but does not forget to consult with your doctor beforehand as it can cause certain stomach issues and even lead to an allergic reaction.

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