11 Impressive Health Benefits of Horseradish

Horseradish health benefits includes boosting the immune system, preventing cancer, support weight loss, help curb high blood pressure, support digestion, promotes stronger bones, support healthier pregnancy, enhances performance, fights bacteria, helps remove toxin from the body and alleviate respiratory conditions.

Just like wasabi, horseradish is a member of the Brassicaceae family and its strong flavor is only part of its characteristics because it possesses immense benefits as well. This food has an impressive nutritive value that includes various vitamins and minerals which are evidence of the benefits it provides.

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Horseradish

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Horseradish

1. Boosts the Immune System

Horseradish contains substances known as phytochemicals which give it the strong smell that it is well known for. These substances are forms of chemicals such as isothiocyanate, sinigrin, and others. It is found that these chemicals possess properties that mimic the ability of antioxidants which give a boost to the immune system in our bodies.

White blood cells defend our bodies when it faces a threat of infection from foreign substances and the presence of phytochemicals in horseradish stimulates the production of white blood cells. Horseradish also boasts an impressive Vitamin C content which enables it to neutralize harmful effects of radicals.

2. Linked To Cancer Prevention

This may sound surprising, but the sinigrin in horseradish is beneficial in defending the body against cancerous growth. This is because sinigrin is a glucosinolate which serves as a specific kind of antioxidant that has properties that enable it to inhibit cancer growth. It stops the healthy cells of our body from becoming part of a cancerous growth because of free-roaming radicals that are produced due to metabolic processes. You do your body a favor by preventing risks of developing cancer whenever you add a side of horseradish to your meal.

3. Helps in Losing Weight

A serving of this root contains only six calories and no fat. Being so low in calories and containing no fat makes horseradish the best food to put on your meal plan if you aim to lose weight. You can add more of it to your plate without worrying about any calories. It also contains healthy cholesterol that is present in the fatty omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are important for the metabolic process.

The high fiber content can allow you to feel full for a long time after you eat and can curb your hunger for the next meal. It also contains protein which takes longer to digest than carbohydrates. This feature also keeps your hunger at bay, so you stick to smaller servings, avoid overeating and unnecessary snacking and preserve the efforts of your weight loss routine.

4. Curbs High Blood Pressure

The potassium in horseradish is important for the body since it regulates the heartbeat and flow of blood through the vessels. A deficiency in this mineral can result in increased blood pressure which can exacerbate any risks of heart diseases that are already present. These fatal conditions include atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks. This reason is why an addition of horseradish to your diet can be beneficial in making the heart healthier by lowering a higher blood pressure and maintaining the passage of blood and nutrients through the membranes.

5. Healthier Digestion

The elements of horseradish include some that stimulate the gastric processes whereas the plant is well known to have a large impact on overall digestive processes including absorption. Phytochemicals that are present in the root can stimulate glands that help with digestive processes such as salivation and the release of intestinal and gastric juices. The fiber content helps in making a bulk of waste products in the body and stimulates bowel movement like those of the intestines. This contributes to the prevention of painful conditions such as constipation.

6. Stronger Bones

The calcium content of horseradish is a fair amount and would be a healthy contribution to the daily intake. Calcium is crucial to the development and maintenance of bones which can retain youthfulness and vitality. So while your bones remain strong, the risks of developing conditions such s arthritis and osteoporosis are also reduced significantly.

7. Healthy Pregnancy

Horseradish contains a healthy amount of folate which is essential to the development of a fetus and the health of expecting mothers. It protects mothers and the fetus from issues that are common during the pregnancy. Folate also enhances the development of the fetus which reduces the risks of any defects.

8. Enhances Performance

Although it is packed with nutrients such as proteins and vitamins, horseradish doesn’t contain fat or harmful calories. This allows the protein to be converted into energy directly without having to be stored which has marvelous effects on physical performance.

Moreover, the energy derived from protein produces new tissues and cells that are used in the repair of worn-out organs and increases their strength to fight toxins. There is evidence that the that the sinigrin present in horseradish not only increases energy levels but also makes you improve concentration to help you stay focused on various mental tasks.

9. Antibacterial Properties

The natural substances and chemicals present in horseradish can fight against attacks from dangerous bacteria that cause infections. It enhances the body’s defenses against attacks from bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus. Since these bacteria can take grow anywhere, using horseradish in your foods can help in protecting the body against infections. Simply put a bit of horseradish in your sandwich or add it to the side with your steak to not only add a burst of flavor but get rid of any pesky bacteria that might be using your food as a resting ground.

10. Has Diuretic Properties

The diuretic property in horseradish helps in stimulating urination. This is beneficial for the kidneys since it helps in the filtration processes and cleans them. Moreover, harmful toxins that are present in the body are flushed out and eliminated from the body, helping it feel energized and refreshed.

11. Alleviates Respiratory Conditions

The distinct odor that horseradish is known for plays a significant role in reducing symptoms of respiratory conditions. Although the feeling of your nose curling up and eyes watering from smelling horseradish may be unpleasant, it can be extremely helpful in stimulating the secretion of fluids that reduce congestion that develops as a result of a cold or allergic reaction. It also helps in clearing respiratory tracts of extra mucus which is uncomfortable and leads to congestion.


These impressive benefits of horseradish are sure to compel you to incorporate it into your diet and meal plan. If you can’t handle the smell or flavor, you can simply add it in a recipe or cook it by itself and use garnish and other herbs to compliment the taste. You won’t regret the decision to do so, and you’ll notice the difference.

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