11 Amazing Health Benefits of Selenium

If you want a stronger immune system, a sharp mind, and a youthful appearance start consuming foods enriched with selenium. There is no question that it is essential for your well-being. It contains antioxidants that not just treat inflammation, but fight dangerous free radicals as well. It assist the reproductive system, detoxify your body, aid in cardiovascular health, contribute to good thyroid health as well as boost the body immunity.

What is Selenium?

It is a mineral that is naturally present in a number of food items. You can find supplements made with selenium as well. It has two types; organic and inorganic. However, both are effective and necessary to maintain a healthy body. Since it is mainly obtained from a natural source, risks of adverse reactions are fewer.

Food Sources of Selenium

  • Shrimp     40mcg
  • Tuna      92mcg
  • Beef      33 mcg
  • Cottage cheese        20 mcg
  • Chicken       22 mcg
  • Hard-boiled egg        15 mcg
  • Brown Rice        19 mcg
  • Whole wheat bread          13 mcg
  • Plain yogurt           8 mcg
  • Milk                                       8 mcg
  • Lentils  6 mcg
  • Cashew nuts    3 mcg
  • Potato    1 mcg
  • Peaches    1 mcg
  • Banana   2 mcg

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Selenium

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Selenium

1. Selenium for Reproductive System

Several studies have concluded that regular consumption of selenium can enhance fertility in both males and females. These studies have also confirmed that regular intake promotes sperm locomotion. It is considered as one of the essential minerals for your wellbeing and its deficiency can cause male infertility. Some studies even suggest that lack of selenium adversely affects fetal growth and female fertility.

2. It Works as a Detoxifier

You can find a number of ways to detoxify your body, which is good as your body builds up toxins from the diet that people normally consume, which mainly consists of processed foods. It is essential to detoxify your body to keep the liver and other organs healthy. You need to consume foods that fight pollutants such as heavy metals. Your body also suffers plenty of environmental damage, which is why it is even more important to incorporate selenium supplements or a diet rich with the mineral in order to detoxify your liver.

3. For Cardiovascular Health

There are countless reasons that negatively affect your cardiovascular health and the best thing that you can apart from being active and eating healthy is to include foods that contain selenium. It is naturally present in chicken, turkey, and tuna, which are all foods that are good for the heart as well, if eaten in moderation. According to cardiologists, people with selenium deficiency usually fall prey to heart disease and hypertension. Several studies have also concluded that when combined with other nutrients such as beta-carotene and Vitamin E, selenium normalizes higher cholesterol levels, which is good for the arteries.

4. It Fights Free Radicals

It is evident that free radical cells are the root cause of harrowing diseases such as cancer. You are required to fight these free radicals as they may cause further health problems. More than that, these cancerous cells eliminate healthy cells and create an acidic environment inside your body, where the bad cells thrive and keep on multiplying and metastasizing. This leads to numerous health conditions such as a weak immune system and premature aging. Being a powerful antioxidant, selenium fights free radical cells effectively.

5. For Thyroid Health

Thyroid health is an under-discussed topic. A slight problem in your thyroid can lead you to developing a slew of health complications totally disrupting your hormones. These hormones contribute to metabolic and growth processes. Your thyroid gland needs selenium to adequately produce all the necessary hormones in your body.

6. Relieve Asthma Symptoms

Being a chronic disease, asthma gets troublesome if not dealt with adequately. According to a recent study, selenium is a potent mineral that helps reduce symptoms associated with asthma. Since this respiratory disorder is a common health problem, it will be even better if you include selenium in the diet of your children to avoid risks of asthma later in life.

7. It Works as an Immunity Booster

Your immune system protects you from a number of health issues naturally, but only if it is strong enough. So, what should you do to keep it stronger? Consume fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products and proteins that are loaded with selenium. Your immune system fights various bacteria steering you clear of infections, fever, and flu.

8. It fights Cancerous Cells

You will be surprised to learn how a single mineral is potent enough to fight cancerous cells. Selenium is that miraculous mineral – it has a capability to prevent risks of cancers in several ways. It is noteworthy that after a thorough research, scientists have concluded that if taken adequately, selenium can reduce the risks of lung, prostate, and colorectal cancer as well. The study also suggests that it has potential to destroy cancerous cells and the regular consumption of selenium can even stop the free radical cell cycle.

9. Selenium for Psychological Health

Due to stress and mental pressure, psychological problems are becoming common day by day. They are considered harmful because they can take a toll on both your mental and physical health, leading to a weak immune system. Plus, stress can also induce eating disorders that can lead to obesity and diabetes. Experts have associated disturbed psychological health with selenium deficiency. In an experiment, people suffering with severe depression were given selenium supplements. Improvements in their mood and behavior gradually begun to change, proving that selenium deficiency can lead to mental disorders.

10. For Beautiful Skin

The phrase “you become what you eat” is quite common and true. It is absolutely same for the skin as a healthy diet appears on your face whereas processed foods and lack of water can lead to acne breakouts. Plus, you end up splurging on skin care products and treatment. However, treating your skin with harsh chemicals is not a smart idea as your skin is naturally delicate. It should be nourished in a natural way instead of chemical-filled substances. This is why beauty experts stress on consuming a healthy diet. By a healthy diet, they mean consuming all the minerals and vitamins that are needed for a youthful skin. In this case, selenium can help you as well as the mineral is in every food that beauticians suggest.

11. For Hair Health

It is heartbreaking to see dry and damaged hair. It happens due to dying your hair frequently, using hair tools without a heat protector, etc. There are treatments that provide a temporary solution to your dry hair, but they don’t last long. However, consuming selenium supplements can do wonders for you.

Bottom Line

Selenium is powerful mineral and treats various health problems. Incorporating it into your diet is a good way to benefit from it’s various health benefits and enhance the quality of your life.

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