11 Surprising Health Benefits of Pears

Pears health benefits includes boosting immune system, supporting weight loss, boosting heart health, controlling blood sugar level, speeding wound healing and enhancing detoxification of waste material. Other benefits includes preventing constipation, promoting healthy pregnancy, improving nutrient uptake, promoting bone mineralization and helping reduce chronic pain

Eating pears should be one of life’s mandatory pleasures. I mean, who doesn’t love them? Pears share many taste similarities with apples, although they are arguably a little sweeter and more delicious than apples. Pears are much more than just tasty fruits, however, as they hold serious health benefits and are super nutritious. You’ve likely heard the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” right? Don’t be surprised if pears replace them in the near future- they are seriously that good for you.

Nutritional Info of Pears

Pears are excellent sources of fiber, are loaded with dozens of phytonutrients with anti-oxidant potential, and have a diverse nutritional spectrum. Its generous copper content also improves uptake of many other nutrients, making its utility much more important. By consuming pears you will benefit from:

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11 Surprising Health Benefits of Pears


1. Consumption of Pears Boost Immunity

Building a healthy immune system requires adequate intake of numerous nutrients, one of the most important being Vitamin C. vitamin C is an extremely effective anti-oxidant that scavenges free radicals that damage the immune system. Vitamin C also promotes action of white blood cells and makes you less likely to pick up the common cold or other conditions associated with a suppressed immune system. The many anti-inflammatory compounds found in pears also reduce damage to the cells of the immune system and make you more resistant to various types of communicable illnesses.

2. Pears Help With Weight Loss

Vegetables and fruits with a low glycemic index are among the best ways to lose weight, since they are extremely filling and low in calories. In addition to this, pears are rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble, which increase satiety and greatly aid the weight loss process. So, the next time you are hungry, eat a pear and fulfill your cravings and promote weight loss at the same time. Snacking on pears in between meals is an excellent strategy to keep your daily caloric intake down, and to safeguard against overeating.

3. Boosts Heart Health

Once again, you can thank the high fiber content of pears for boosting the health of your heart, as traditionally it is known that diets higher in fiber correspond to lower incidences of heart disease. Fiber helps to clear bile acids, which in turn reduce cholesterol levels, keeping them both within relatively normal levels. In addition, pears are rich in numerous anti-oxidants which prevent inflammation from occurring in blood vessels- a strong contributor to strokes, heart attacks and more. Research has consistently showed that consuming more fruits and vegetables is associated with a lower incidence of heart disease, making a solid case for eating more pears.

4. Can Help You Control Your Blood Sugar

Many people do not understand how fruits can help control your blood sugar when they contain sugar themselves, but there is much more going on than what looks black and white. For one, pears are considered to have a low glycemic index, meaning that they do not hurriedly convert into glucose which is then flooded into the blood stream. Rather, they are loaded with fiber which slows down absorption of glucose into the blood stream. Plus, regular consumption of pears was found to improve insulin sensitivity, which frequently goes out of whack when diabetes sets in.

5. Speeds Up Wound Healing

While an efficient functioning immune system is the first pre-requisite to proper healing, you also need to ensure your body can make new structural proteins in a timely manner. In this case, the Vitamin C content of pears facilitates collagen synthesis- a structural protein that promotes the health of joints and the skin. Thus, when collagen is being produced at an optimal rate, your wounds will close faster from the outside while your immune system is taking care of business from the inside.

6. Enhances Detoxification Of Waste Material

While the kidneys and liver do an exceptional job at ensuring the body gets rid of waste products, a little help never hurt. Pears, thanks to their high pectin content, actively promote the removal of waste and toxins from the body. Many toxins are able to make their way out via bile and stools, which is known to be one of pears preferred mechanisms of waste excretion. Thus, the body is able to more efficiently remove these waste materials and your health improves to thank you for being such a good boss.

7. Can Help Prevent Constipation

We know that the two most common causes of constipation are inadequate water intake, and a diet low in dietary fiber. When these two factors combine, the result is chronic constipation, which may even require medical attention. However, by simply eating pears you can overcome this problem pears have a lot of fiber, and are rich in water, making them especially useful in meeting both these requirements each day. Fiber does much more for digestive health than just allowing us to poor however, making it even more essential to your health and wellbeing as probiotic bacteria depend on many types of fiber for nutrition. Probiotic bacteria are a part of your immune system, and act as a first line defense when we eat foods. Do your best to support healthy colony densities by eating more fiber daily.

8. Promotes A Healthy Pregnancy

One of the most important nutrients during pregnancy is folic acid. This member of the B vitamin family helps prevent birth defects, such as spina bifida and disorders of the neural tube. For those who find it difficult to meet their folic acid requirements, pears can help safeguard the health of your unborn child and make pregnancy much safer. The fiber content in pears also helps prevent annoying pregnancy associated constipation or hemorrhoids, reason enough to start consuming them.

9. Improve Nutrient Uptake

You can have a spot on diet, but if absorption of nutrients is inefficient, your body will never function optimally. Luckily, pears can come to your rescue. Pears are rich on copper, a mineral that improved uptake of other nutrients into blood, including the elusive iron. Iron’s absorption is usually limited by a variety of factors, most importantly being presence of vitamin C and B. copper helps to reduce this barrier to entry and allows enhanced red blood cell synthesis.

10. Helps Promote Bone Mineralization

It contain Vitamin K, a rare but essential co-factor that is important to bone health. Vitamin K deficiency is extremely common in adults, mainly because they do not appreciate the importance of this vitamin. Regular consumption of pears supplies this hard to get vitamin, which helps preserve bone health and also encourages normal blood clotting. Pears also contain a little calcium which can help top up your daily intake from other sources.

11. Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain

Pears are excellent anti-inflammatory foods, containing compounds that are effective in mitigating joint pain as a result of arthritis; either osteoarthritic or rheumatic in nature. Pears also help in managing other pro-inflammatory conditions, such as accelerated aging and even diverticulitis.

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