13 Amazing Health Benefits of Salmon

Salmon health benefits includes reducing risk of depression, promoting health of circulatory system, improving eyesight, boosting skin health, boosting immunity, promoting muscle building, promoting weight loss, promoting bone health, supporting joint health, promoting longevity and reducing the risk of cancer.

Salmon is hands down one of the most nutritious foods on this planet, especially when caught wild over being farm raised. Not only is it a rich source of protein, but it is also packed with many other nutrients, including the ever-so important omega-3 fats.

The body cannot product omega-3 fats, making it essential for it to be obtained via consumption. Salmon is so beneficial to our health, that it can in fact be classified as a superfood, even though this is a title normally given to various plant based food sources.

What makes salmon even more versatile is its delicious taste, which makes it easy to incorporate into a variety of meals.

Excited to learn of all the amazing benefits salmon consumption can have ion your health? Then read on below to find out more:

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Salmon

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Salmon

1. Reduces Risk of Depression

Many people are surprised to find out that the brain is actually made up of about 60% fat, much of which is the omega-3 fat DHA. This fat, which is found abundantly in salmon, is essential for healthy brain function, and maintaining the integrity of the nervous system as well. This is why the use of DHA supplements is also very important in children and during pregnancy, as the developing brain needs this fat for proper development. People who eat more salmon also report reduced incidence of depressive illness, along with other mental disorders.

2. Promotes Health of Circulatory System

Most people know of using omega-3 supplements to help boost heart health, but instead of mere supplement, how about you eat more salmon, a food naturally rich in these heart healthy fats? The omega-3 fats contained in salmon can help to prevent or at a minimum slow the deposition and formation of atherosclerotic plaque on blood vessel walls, as well as helping to keep the heart muscles strong.  In turn, this minimizes the risk of heart attacks and strokes as a result of poor blood circulation.

3. Improves Eyesight

Did you know that vision loss is one of the most common disabilities in the United States and much of the world, though nobody discusses it? The hard truth is that vision loss often takes people out of the productive sooner than they would have on their own, and is thus a disability. Eating salmon, and due to its omega-3 content, can help to offset the beginning of age related macular degeneration, reduce the severity of dry eyes, and assist with maintenance of an optimal eye pressure, preventing glaucoma from developing. You should give your kids salmon as soon as they are able to handle solid food, for its benefits on the young eyes are also very important.

4. Boosts Skin Health

The uppermost layer of skin is comprised of dead cells, acting as a sort of barrier to the dangers we come into contact with on a daily basis. However, there is still considerable risk of water loss to the outside as a result of sun exposure, causing the skin to have a dry and cracked appearance, and more importantly increasing risk of infection from the open cracks. Salmon with its high fat content supply the cell walls of the skin under the surface with omega-3 that’s enhances the integrity of the barrier. Plus, it assists with water retention, so moisture is not lost as fast.

5. Boosts Immunity

While salmon is most well-known for its omega-3 prowess, it also contains many other nutrients that help to bolster immune function. Salmon contains generous amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D as well as the mineral selenium, all of which assist in oxidative buffering. Omega-3 fats also improve the efficiency by which the immune cells are able to actively destroy pathogens.

6. Promotes Muscle Building

If you are an athlete, or interested in building lean muscle, you need to ensure that your body is provided with enough protein “building blocks” to facilitate the rebuilding process. While chicken and beef are great protein sources, salmon makes a superior option in many cases, thanks to its high protein content and the presence of healthy fats. Diets that are low in fat are likely to result in lower muscle gain, but salmon is poised to take care of that. Salmon is an especially attractive dinner protein source, as it digests faster than beef and chicken and is a great way to reduce carbohydrates before bed.

7. Promotes Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, ideally you want to lose body fat while retaining your muscle mass. This is the ideal scenario to ensure your metabolism stays high, continuing the weight loss process. Salmon is rich in protein, one of the most important nutrients for promoting fat loss, thanks to its effect on caloric intake. Protein has the highest thermic effect of all the macronutrient groups, which is the amount of calories necessary for its processing. Thus, consuming 500 calories worth of protein rich foods will only lead to a net yield of about 350 calories. This is a massively easy way to reduce calories without feeling deprived or starved.

Plus, the polyunsaturated fat found in salmon improves fat burning potential, and prevents subsequent storage of new fat.

8. Promotes Bone Health

Ensuring bone is strong requires a combination of several vitamins and nutrients, which includes the underrated Vitamin D. salmon is an excellent dietary source of Vitamin D, which many people are surprisingly deficient in, especially if you live a colder climate with irregular sun exposure. Vitamin D helps ensure proper bone mineralization, or the uptake and retention of nutrients in the bone matrix, ensuring its integrity. Regular consumption of salmon can also help prevent osteoporosis in predisposed populations.

9. Supports Joint Health

Joints are subject to wear over many years, and can eventually lead to severe pain and loss of mobility if not taken care of. One way to reduce the impact of aging joints? Eat more salmon. Thanks to its omega-3 content, an anti-inflammatory fat, the degenerative inflammatory process that usually occurs can be reduced. Inflammation accelerates the breakdown and causes increased pain and sensitivity in the joints. This is why anti-inflammatory medications are common mainstays in the treatment of arthritis and associated conditions.

10. May Promote Longevity

Living longer is everyone’s desire, but not at the cost of suffering through your last decades of life. Salmon, thanks to its unique nutritional profile, can help elevate IGF-1 levels, a growth factor that assists cell recovery and regeneration, and coupled with omega-3 found in it, reduce inflammation significantly. These factors are key to cells retaining their function through life, and is what is responsible for slowed aging in populations.

11. Reduce Cancer Risk

Diets high in omega-3 fats have a significantly reduced risk of cancer, owing largely to the fats anti-inflammatory properties. Historically, cultures that consume a primarily fish based protein diet, such as the Inuits and those of the cold Northern European regions have much longer lifespans than their counterparts of the south that consume mainly terrestrial based animal protein. Though you do not need to consume solely fish, ensuring you eat salmon a few times weekly will undoubtedly benefit your health.


Salmon is arguably one of the most common species of fish available for purchase regardless of where you live. This makes it easy for you to get your requirements of omega-3 fatty acids, and add years to your life.

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