13 Surprising Health Benefits of Wine

Red or White Wine is packed with amazing health benefits that includes reducing liver diseases, supporting healthy eyes, protecting the teeth, help in reducing vascular diseases, preventing cancer, regulating cholesterol level, supporting healthy bones, enhancing sleep cycle, preventing cold and flu, beneficial to the skin, controlling weight and improving mental health.

What is Wine?

Wine, primarily driven from the Latin word vinum is a most consumed alcoholic beverage around the world. It is typically fermented without any sugar, water, enzymes and any other nutrients.  Yeast is an important substance in the wine added to convert the amount of sugar in grapes into carbon dioxide and ethanol.

There are many fruits that can be used to make wine including plums, apples, and cranberries however; it is mostly made with grapes. According to experts grapes are loaded with magical nutrients like vitamin B6, calcium and potassium – substantiating a major requirement of the human body.  Nutritionists and health experts have confirmed how wine can improve your overall health instead of just pairing up greatly with your food.

Composition of Wine

Wine grapes, with all their nutrients, vary not only in size but taste and composition as well when compared with table grapes. Comparatively, they are sweeter, smaller and contain more seeds than table grapes. Mostly wine companies around the world use Vitis vinifera, which has a Caucasus origin. Besides this, thousands of other Vitis vinifera varieties are used by winemakers. Vitis vinifera seeds have undeniable nutritional value adding to the overall health benefits along with the savored and delicious taste. Below is given the list of nutritional elements of grape seeds present in wine:

Manganese 10%
Iron 4%
Vitamin B2 3%
Choline 2%
Potassium 5%
Fluoride 40%
Vitamin B6 4%
Phosphorus 3%
Vitamin C 25%

13 Surprising Health Benefits of Wine

13 Surprising Health Benefits of Wine

1. Help in Reducing Liver diseases

With a sufficient amount of phosphorus, wine is a great way to regulate hormones. It improves digestion, which ultimately helps you steer clear of liver disease.  According to some pertinent studies, wine drinkers around the world tend to have a lower risk of suffering any kind of liver complication or disease. Surprisingly, an intake of wine debunks the myth that it harms the liver.

2. Healthy Eyes

Drinking red wine is considered a healthier option as it has high Riboflavin and resveratrol content, which not only enhances oxygen circulation in your body but protects your eyes as well. The two substances particularly prevent an unwanted growth of the blood vessels in your eyes. Moreover, it steers you clear of the symptoms associated with macular degeneration – which in turn can lead to accelerate aging and cataracts.

3. Teeth Protection

Fluoride in wine is a great natural source to prevent tooth decay. The fluoride and polyphenols in wine help remove certain harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth. In addition, it can also be a natural treatment for people who are suffering from gum disease and inflammation. Seeing the other side, while getting totally engulfed in the taste of wine, specifically Merlot and Cabernet, it is important not to indulge the beverage in excess, which in turn could lead to teeth discoloration.

4. Help to reduce vascular Diseases

Recent research has indicated how moderate wine consumption helps people struggling with vascular diseases including cerebrovascular and coronary diseases. It also keeps the blood vessels healthy, enabling proper blood flow. The presence of potassium aids in stabilizing the heartbeat. However, excessive drinking may cause addiction and increase the rate of uncertain vascular risks. Moreover, alcohol consumption after the forties and fifties mostly increases the risk of vascular disease.

5. Prevent Cancer

Iron helps strengthen your immunity and help you steer clear of developing cancerous cells or free radicals. The mentioned antioxidant has the power to protect you against free radical damage to inhibit the function of cancerous cells and their feeding process. Plus, iron is also the foremost mineral that combats symptoms associated with colon and breast cancer.          

6. Regulate Cholesterol Level

Besides providing various health benefits, the resveratrol in wine removes the blockage of blood vessels and helps reduce bad cholesterol to prevent blood clotting. Moreover, resveratrol reduces considerable amounts of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol) which lessens the plaque coating by 12%. On the other hand, drinking an excessive amount of wine may heighten the rate of LDL, which may lead to a cardiac arrest or a stroke. Thus, consuming a moderate amount of wine is preferred for managing your cholesterol.

7. Healthy Bones

Red wine is commonly known a good source of strengthening bones as it contains sufficient amounts of vitamin B6. It helps improve the mineral density of the bones, particularly the thigh and hip bones.

8. Enhances sleep Cycle

Vitamin C in wine helps in scaling down the oxidative stress, relaxing the body.  It also regulates the temperature of the body by speeding up your sleep hormones. The release of melatonin (sleep hormone) due to the consumption of wine helps the body acquire a calmer position – helping you to drift off faster.

9. Prevents Cold and Flu

Wine is considered an easy solution to develop and enhance your immunity against everyday diseases like cold and flu. Experts believe that drinking wine on a daily basis triggers antioxidant flavonoids produced by the body, which helps fight the virus that causes cold and flu.

10. Skin Benefits

 Grape seeds in wine are one of the ways to get the healthy and glowing skin.  Drinking a glass of wine inhibits the excessive growth of bacteria that causes acne and other skin related complications. This surprising benefit of wine is all thanks to a combination of benzoyl peroxide and resveratrol.  On the other hand, these skin benefits may have an alternate effect if a person is genetically mutated to consume wine that can instantly cause dark complexion. To prevent that from happening, medical professionals suggest you should gradually increase your wine in take instead of gulping down two or three glasses at a time.

11. Weight Control

Grape seeds are nutritionally full of a compound known as Piceatannol. This compound is considered rich in enhancing your metabolism and blocking fat cells. People struggling with obesity can control their body mass just by adding one glass of wine in their daily regimen.

12. Helps fighting Food Poisoning

According to recent medical studies, wine can also kill bacteria and pathogens that can cause food poisoning. In this regard to this, the stomach wine model discovered how antioxidants present in wine aid in strengthening immunity against Listeriosis.

13. Improves Mental Health

Studies related to alcohol in the past few decades have clarified the fact that moderate consumption of wine can help you steer clear of the symptoms of depression. Studies found that drinking fifteen grams of wine reduces stress levels and improves overall mental health. However, it is important to monitor heavy consumption as it may increase the risk of depression instead of reducing it.


To crown it all, health benefits associated with wine consumption are certainly ineluctable as it contains some great source of nutrients that are required by the body.  However, considering safety measures to ensure adequate consumption of alcohol is an important aspect. Aforementioned benefits of wine debunk many myths attributed to wine consumption and elaborate how drinking wine can bring health benefits.

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