11 Amazing Benefits of Arugula

Arugula health benefits includes supporting bone density, facilitating the regenerating of muscle and blood clotting, supporting weight loss, protects the eyes, may help fight cancer, support quicker healing, contains chlorophyll that clears the body of toxins, support healthy digestion, support healthy pregnancy, boost the immune system and help fight inflammation.

What is Arugula?

Arugula is an ancient green leafy vegetable, it has been a part of literature for centuries, and its mention in the Bible signifies its use throughout history.

The first harvesting started around the 6th century. Arugula has been a part of poetry and philosophy, mentioned in works, from Virgil to Pliny the Elder. The benefits and influence of arugula were studied by the pioneers of medicine.

Arugula has been a part of human diet for ages, being most popular in Italy, England, and Germany. The Italians added arugula to their everyday meals until its use and popularity declined around the 19th and 20th century.

There are historic records mentioning the use of Arugula as an aphrodisiac agent and as an anesthetizing agent. It has a distinct peppery flavor.  It is closely related to vegetables such as cabbage, kale, and radishes. Arugula has made its way back into food as one of the healthiest foods available to mankind. It is mostly a part of salads, it is commonly known as rocket leaves or garden rocket.

Arugula was an important component of the Roman diet and its seeds were used to flavor oils. There are records showing the use of arugula seeds to create aphrodisiac tonics since the first century.

Arugula is a fairly easy plant to grow you, good sunlight, adequate watering and planting it during the fall will ensure a good helping of Arugula grows in your own backyard.

Arugula lends a distinct deliciousness to your salad while amping up nutrition value. Arugula has plenty of nutritional benefits and has been used for its medicinal properties throughout history. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Here are 11 reasons why you should incorporate Arugula in your daily diet:

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Arugula

Arugula health benefits

1. Vitamin K

A single cup of arugula contains up to 21. 8 micrograms of vitamin K, this fulfills almost a quarter of the daily requirement for both men and women. As the trend and convenience of processed food have increased vitamin K intake has stooped down to a new low. Vitamin K is stronger than calcium and is far more useful in maintaining bone density. It also promotes adequate calcium absorption and facilitates the regenerating of muscles and blood clotting. Vitamin K promotes faster healing in people suffering from an injury or after a surgery.

2. Weight Loss

Arugula is an excellent way of bulking up your meal without the addition of calories. But this is not just enhancing the size of your meal, but is also very useful in providing the nutrition that you need to stay energetic. It is one of the best vegetables for weight loss as it cuts down the calories and keeps the nutrition up, which is necessary to lose weight the healthy way.

3. Protects the Eyes

For the eyes to function properly and to prevent any diseases it is necessary to eat well. Add foods that are rich in vitamin K, A and beta-carotene to help keep eyes in shape. Arugula is a rich source of these components and a much healthier plant-based alternative to adding vitamin A to your daily diet. Adding arugula to your daily diet will keep the effect of free radicals away from your retina as beta-carotene acts as an antioxidant for the eyes.

4. Anti Cancer

Antioxidants from food are the answer to the oxidative stress that free radicals cause. Cancerous cells are formed when the oxidative stress damages the cell’s DNA and these cells spread very quickly. Paying attention to your diet is necessary, add foods that are a natural source of antioxidants t your diet. Arugula has a chemical composition, which makes it a powerhouse of antioxidants, keep your body cancer free by adding arugula to your salads or eating it as a side dish every day.

5. Quicker Healing

Potassium and vitamin K team up to promote quicker blood clotting, which protects the wounds as they do not get infected and hence heals at a rather quicker pace then they would otherwise. In ancient times, arugula was given to wounded and injured soldiers to speed up the healing process.

6. Chlorophyll

Recent studies showing the uses and benefits of chlorophyll have made waves in the food industry and many companies now offer chlorophyll in powdered forms to add to soups, smoothies or food in general. The benefits are extraordinary and adding chlorophyll to your diet will keep the body clear of toxins and protected from the effects of free radicals. Arugula is a naturally available vegetable, which has high chlorophyll content. Eating arugula on a regular basis will promote the cleansing of the body from within and prevent diseases from taking root.

7. Healthy Digestion

Not only does arugula show stimulating properties, but it also has a good quantity of dietary fiber. Fiber is an essential ingredient that helps keep the digestive system in check and promote the absorption of adequate nutrients from the food. It is useful in helping patients suffering from diarrhea as it will help bulk up the stool. Dietary fiber also helps keep the intestines healthy and prevents a leaky gut.

8. A Good Source of Carotenoids

As arugula is a powerhouse of antioxidants, it is also special due to the presence of carotenoids, which is necessary for the prevention of macular degeneration, preventing cataracts and also keeps the liver healthy. The ability of arugula to combat the effect of free radicals is unmatched and will ensure your body and mind stay healthy.

9. Good for Expecting Mothers

Iron and folate are great for pregnant mothers and the minerals can help the expecting mother during delivery and throughout the 9 months – helping the fetus grow strong. Arugula can provide a good dose of folate, which has been studied to stop any neural damage to the brain of the baby and also promotes the absorption of iron keeping the red blood cell count in check. Iron deficiency can have serious consequences and can cause severe fatigue. Arugula can help the body maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin.

10. Immunity Booster

With the excellent composition of arugula, it isn’t a mystery that it will strengthen the body from within. Arugula contains one of the most powerful vitamins there is vitamin C, which helps build a strong immune system.

11. Anti-inflammatory

Research links the anti-inflammatory properties of arugula as it is full of vitamin K in it. This vitamin helps maintain bone density and calms inflammation in joints and other parts of the body. This helps keep the effects of osteoporosis and arthritis away.

Bottom Line

Arugula is one of the best natural ways to ensure your body will stay healthy and does not face any nutrient deficiencies. Add arugula leaves, baby spinach to your smoothies or salads to ensure that you are eating it regularly.

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