11 Amazing Health Benefits of Catnip

Catnip amazing health benefits includes treating skin conditions, curing hair conditions like dandruff and irritated scalp, easing cramps and fever, relieving stomach and abdomen problem, reducing mood swings and menstrual pains, relieving stress and aiding sleep. Other benefits include supporting the kidney, aiding weight loss, supporting healing process and providing the body with vital nutrients.

During the early 1400s, a common practice among Europeans was drinking tea made from catnip leaves. Those people who were fond of mint tea were happy to drink as it belonged to the mint family and had the odor and flavor quite similar to mint. However, it became a trusted medication afterward. Similarly, those people who were fond of marijuana used catnip as an alternative. This provided them with the same illusions that were experienced by them after smoking marijuana.

Catnip: An Overview

With a scientific name of Nepeta cataria, catnip is a common flower also known as catswort and catmint. Many people are unaware of the calming and soothing effects it has on cats. Moreover, it also holds amazing benefits for human beings. Furthermore, its native range stretches over most of Asia, including China, and some parts of Europe. However, now, it has become a global export and is present in many parts of the world. It is potent due to a certain amount of chemicals such as terpenoid present in it.

When we talk about how to get benefited from it, two reasons come into our mind. One can be by preparing tea from catnip leaves, whereas, other is simply applying the essential oil extracted from its leaves. The everyday uses of catnip include juices, teas, extracts, salves, tinctures, and herb to be smoked. Many generations have benefited from these forms of catnip as an alternative to medicine. Moreover, researchers have also proved it to be a reliable treatment for some diseases.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Catnip

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Catnip

Let’s have a much closer look at the benefits of catnip discussed below:

1. Treating Skin Conditions

Catnip acts as a natural repellent and keeps the bugs away from gardens. However, it is the best choice to apply catnip on the skin if you are bitten by a bug to relieve irritation. It is highly recommended to apply extracts and salves on the affected part to reduce inflammation and make the healing process quicker. Moreover, due to the increasing problem of premature aging in women, it is advised to drink two cups of catnip tea daily to solve the issue. This happens through the high amounts of antioxidants present in catnip leaves. Furthermore, this herb has a sharp nature and helps to tighten the loose muscles and skin, if used over a constant period.

2. Catnip Benefits For Hair

The antiseptic properties of Catnip make it a remedy for dandruff. You just have to apply a small proportion of it on your hair and scalp. There is no issue if you apply it and leave it in your hair. This is done by people who have an irritated scalp. For those of you who have hard hair, it can be used as a conditioning agent as well. You just have to soak your hair into the Catnip tea infusion. Otherwise, you use it after shampooing your hair. This will make your hair quite soft and keep them conditioned, and moisturized.

3. Eases Cramps And Fever

Catnip is used by many people to get relief from cramps. It gives immediate relief when applied to the tensed muscles and bones. Similarly, it is also recommended by many health professionals to use some drops of Catnip oil during the steam inhalation for asthma patients.

Moreover, the nature of this mint product can also ease fever. The person suffering from fever will get excess sweating, thus, bringing down the high body temperature.

4. Solves Problems In The Stomach And Abdomen

Today, due to the over-consumption of contaminated foods, people having stomach problems have increased, usually ulcers. Consuming Catnip helps to improve the secretion of gastric juices, making the digestive system work much better. This herb can be used to ease acid attacks, provided that traditional medicines are trusted.

Moreover, Catnip was famous during the 17th century as flatulence eliminating agent. Using Catnip may help remove all the gases in the abdomen. You can use it either by drinking a warm Catnip tea with ginger. Alternatively, you can put 3-4 drops of Catnip essential oil on a napkin and sniff it to get similar benefits.

5. Menstrual Restrictions

Being a natural remedy, it helps reduce the pain for women and keeps the menstrual cycle regulated. Those women who experience irregular periods and mood swings should take help from Catnip leaves. Moreover, the sedative effects of Catnip ensure that all the symptoms of menstruation, mainly depression, and mood swings are in control.

6. Helps Relieve Stress And Aids In Sleep

There is a reason why cats get attracted to Catnip so much. The reason is that it makes them high and can also be applied to humans but in a much more controlled manner. Eating, drinking, or smoking Catnip provides stress relief and reduces anxiety. It also strengthens your immune system, giving it more power to fight diseases.

Moreover, for those of you who have insomnia problems for many years, it is tried and tested to use Catnip to cure the problem. Some people say that you should make a habit of drinking a cup of Catnip tea daily before going to sleep.

7. Beneficial For Kidneys

Catnip is a diuretic, making the urination frequent. A cup of tea would promote urination, quickly eliminating wastes from the body. Moreover, your kidneys will quickly get cleaned, reducing the chances of kidney diseases. If anyone of you has a weak kidney, you can use Catnip leaves to recover quickly from such conditions.

8. Increased Sweating And Weight Loss

The diaphoretic property of Catnip comes into play in such situations. Drinking Catnip leaves will make you sweat more, which would remove all harmful toxins from the body. The amount of toxin levels in the body tells about the condition of your metabolism level. With an improved metabolism, your body will burn fats much more quickly. Therefore, this will lead to excessive weight loss.

9. Improved Healing Process

In the case of flu and cold, the fastest way to drain the body is through sweating to get toxins out of the body. In case of fevers, these toxins remain in the body, due to the lack of sweating. For treating the common cold, many specialists recommend drinking Catnip tea until cured.

10. A Complete Nutrient

Although many human beings do not prefer consuming Catnip leaves, it alone has a set of nutrients that are beneficial for the body. It includes all the essential acids, organic compounds, and the vitamins, and minerals required by the body. This plant can perform miracles other than just kicking out a cat.

11. Other Health Benefits

Catnip possesses an ingredient, Thymol, which is known for its antiseptic properties. This nature of the herb is the most effective cure for a migraine and headaches. Therefore, it is a complete product with loads of benefits.


The bottom line is that regular usage of Catnip leaves ensures good health. Other than just better gastrointestinal functions, it also helps to reduce stress and ensures sound sleep. A consumer of Catnip will have perfect psychological performance.

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