11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds health benefits includes helping manage BPH, optimizing blood pressure, promoting good heart health, helping control blood sugar, helping boosting fertility, promoting good night sleep and a good source of fiber. Other benefits includes a good source of protein, balancing body pH level, boosting immune function and promoting hair growth.

When it comes to the delicious pumpkin, more often than not, the pumpkin seeds are discarded. While this is understandable if you are not aware of the potential health benefits of them, once you do figure that you’ve been missing out, you will never want to waste another seed.

In some cultures, they are consumed regularly, being roasted and lightly spiced or seasoned to bring out their flavor.  But is chewing up the seeds alone the only method of consuming pumpkin seeds? No, far from it! You can include pumpkin seeds in numerous meals, ranging from smoothies to salads and more. Starting to believe that you can make use of these versatile seeds? Good! Now comes the exciting part- the actual benefits. Read on to learn how these little seeds can make for massive benefits!

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds health benefits

1. Helps in Management of BPH

BPH, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a common condition affecting older men that leads to an increased size of the prostate gland. Though it is not necessarily a cancerous growth, it does become very uncomfortable for the men suffering from it. In particular, is the increased urinary frequency, necessitating multiple bathroom visits in the middle of the night. This is not an ideal situation, as it interrupts sleep and makes for an unpleasant life. Which brings us to the use of pumpkin seeds. There are many standardized pumpkin seed extract supplements, which are known to reduce prostate enlargement via hormonal mechanisms. In particular, pumpkin seeds can inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, the hormone that causes the swelling. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds (on a daily basis) or use of a supplement can greatly improve these symptoms can allow a normal life.

2. Help Optimize Blood Pressure

Magnesium is an essential mineral that many people are surprisingly deficient in. and even though the body has its built in systems for storing magnesium when enough is not being consumed, adverse effects are still likely to develop. In particular, is high blood pressure. Potassium also plays a regulatory role in blood pressure, but magnesium is extremely underestimated. Chronic deficiency has been associated with high blood pressure, and development of cardiovascular disease.  Just one ounce of pumpkin seeds contain about 35% of your daily recommended intake of magnesium, making for a convenient way of meeting your quota.

3. Promotes Good Heart Health

Pumpkin seeds offer powerful support to your entire circulatory system, ensuring your heart stays healthy in the long run. See, the heart is effectively a muscle, one that will not often implode on its own but rather as a result of blood flow to it and other maladies. Case in point, the magnesium content of pumpkin seeds were just established to support blood vessel health and blood pressure, but pumpkin seeds also contain the omega-3 fat alpha-linoleic acid. The omega-3 fats help keep triglycerides low, and help normalize cholesterol levels.  But it doesn’t end there; as these seeds also promote production of nitric oxide, an important vasodilator that allows blood vessels to dilate and relax. Diets higher in magnesium are also associated with a lower risk of death from coronary issues, up to 38% less!

4. Help Control Blood Sugar

One again, magnesium comes to the rescue…or at least in part. See, magnesium is a super important mineral also has numerous functions in enzymatic and hormonal reactions, in this case, helping improve insulin sensitivity. Pumpkin seed consumption can also promote anti-oxidant affinity, as high oxidation rate is a contributing factor in damage to the pancreas and liver, and may explain decreased islet cell density (the cells that make insulin). The proteins and fat contained in pumpkin seeds can also blunt the absorption speed of sugar, offering up an alternative explanation for some of its actions.

5. Helps Boost Fertility

Zinc is a key mineral in men’s reproductive health, and yet one they are often deficient in. a one-ounce size serving of pumpkin seeds contain about 20% of a man’s daily zinc requirement, which equates to about 2mg. zinc boosts testosterone levels, and has a protective effect on sperm, thanks to its anti-oxidant action. Excess oxidation is a major causative agent of infertility, as sperm are either damaged on a cellular level or are unable to move as they should.

6. Promotes Good Night Sleep

If you’re looking for a healthy nighttime snack, pumpkin seeds are amongst the best choices you can make. Pumpkin seeds are rich ion the amino acid tryptophan, which promotes serotonin levels in the brain and induces a state of relaxation. Better yet? Consume some seeds throughout the day. This will not only help you sleep better at night (as tryptophan’s effects are stronger at night following your natural circadian rhythm), but will also cut your cravings from emotional eating.

7. Source of Needed Fiber

People that eat out a lot, and do not prepare food from home are much more likely to have diets low in fiber. However, pumpkin seeds are an easy way to increase your intake, as just one ounce of these seeds have about 5g of fiber. Though fiber’s benefits have been harped on by the media as a whole, to recap just think of improved digestion, heart health and even controlling blood sugar levels.

8. Pumpkin Seeds Are Rich In Protein

Protein’s importance is well known in health circles, as it helps with cell regeneration, and is involved in maintaining your structural integrity and numerous biochemical processes being undertaken every second of our existence. While meat-eaters have no real problem meeting protein requirements, vegetarians and vegans do. This makes pumpkin seeds an excellent support food, as just 100g of dried or roasted seeds yield up to 30g protein. This can go a long way in helping someone meet their requirements, as you can easily chew a large amount throughout the day.

9. Helps Balance Body pH Level

People do not understand the importance of ensuing the body is left in as close to its natural pH as possible (pH being a measure of the relative acidity: alkalinity). The body is naturally a neutral to slightly alkaline pH, but often deviates from this due to the nature of many processed foods. Shifting blood acidity is believed responsible for a myriad of adverse health effects. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds may help your body recover its natural state.

10. Can Boost Immune Function

Thanks to the presence of Zinc, pumpkin seeds can make the body more resistant to illness. Zinc rallies the cells that attack invading pathogens, preventing a major infection from erupting. It is much more important you get enough zinc if you work out hard, as it is often lost in sweat.

11. Can Promote Hair Growth

Pumpkin seeds are a melting pot of nutrients beneficial for hair health, including magnesium, small amounts of the amino acid arginine (which boosts blood flow to the hair follicles) and Vitamin E, which supports the overall growth cycle of hair. Though its effects are not fast, consistent consumption of the seeds are likely to yield dividends over the course of many months.

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