11 Amazing Health Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa health benefits includes promoting weight loss, fighting inflammation, supporting cardiovascular health, improving skin condition, managing diabetes, treating anemia and supporting digestive health. Other benefits includes improving metabolism, repairing damaged tissues and cells, supporting healthy hair and acting as a moisturizer.

Quinoa is more than a breakfast option. Nutritionists have favored this superfood due to plenty of health benefits it offers. Incorporate it into your daily routine and allow it to do wonders for your overall well-being.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is an edible seed of a flowering plant that belongs to amaranth family. It is a whole grain food that domesticated around 5000 years ago in Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. Now, it is one of the most consumed foods in the world. You can find red, white, and black colored quinoa along with its flour and flakes in the markets. Quinoa is high in dietary fiber and significantly low in calories. You can also find adequate levels of carbohydrate in it as well that will not hurt your body if consumed in moderation.

Nutritional Value of Quinoa

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Quinoa

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Quinoa

1. It Promotes Weight Loss

Quinoa contains a high content of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. You can consume a bowl of freshly made quinoa to lose weight as well. The fiber in quinoa will curb increased appetite and keep you full that will eventually result in reduced body weight. It is also a powerhouse of various nutrients that functions to strengthen your overall body balancing your energy levels throughout the day.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Nutritionists suggest incorporating at least a single serving of quinoa daily. It contains plenty of anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, the grain effectively produces butyrate that is known to combat various inflammations in your body. You can reap adequate levels of vitamin B to maintain homocysteine levels, an inflammatory hormone naturally present in your body.

3. For Cardiovascular Health

Quinoa can become a natural source to alleviate bad cholesterol levels that prevent risk associated with atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases. Apart from this, you can obtain the required amount of oleic and alpha-linolenic acid that you regularly need to prevent your heart from falling prey to cardiovascular problems. However, it is advised to heart patients to consult with their primary care doctor and should not opt for home remedies in this regard.

4. Improves Skin Condition

Your skin needs nourishment that only comes from consuming healthy foods. Nutritionists suggest that regular consumption of quinoa can improve the condition of your skin. It is loaded with enzymes, tyrosinase, niacinamide, etc., necessary to combat factors that contribute to skin pigmentation.

Moreover, the nutrients are also beneficial when it comes to treating acne problems. They are said to help fade acne scars and prevent their reoccurrence as well. Being an anti-inflammatory, it can effectively soothe redness and irritation often caused by acne breakouts.

You can reap plenty of vitamin A from a single serving of Quinoa. Beauty gurus encourage incorporating foods enriched with vitamin A to delay aging process. Regular consumption of the vitamin will impede wrinkles, free lines, and age spots. The nutrients found in the quinoa are also known to promote skin elasticity and can help alleviate production of sebum.

5. For Diabetes

Quinoa is surely a super food for people with diabetes as it has a minimum glycemic index. It is also loaded with numerous amino acids that help impede risks of type II diabetes. Moreover, the amino acids are also said to regulate sugar in your bloodstream, and that is what makes quinoa beneficial for people with diabetes. However, you should refrain from self-medication in case of high blood sugar levels and consult with your physician immediately.

6. Treatment for Anemia

Anemia shouldn’t be taken lightly as it contributes to sudden fatigue and dizziness. The primary reason behind anemia is iron deficiency. Nutritionists suggest that consuming quinoa during anemia treatment can be beneficial. One cup of cooked quinoa contains 3 mg of iron that is estimated to 15% of your daily requirement. Regular consumption of iron can help treat anemia effectively. Moreover, it is also a powerhouse of riboflavin that is required to produce hemoglobin that is a part of red blood cells present in your body. It also helps transfer oxygen to your blood effectively.

7. For Digestive Health

Nutritionists stated that you could treat various digestion issues with a diet filled with dietary fiber. Quinoa can become a potent choice in this regard. When consumed daily, dietary fiber found in the grain begins stimulating your digestive tract. In result, your small intestine absorbs nutrient that prevents various stomach ailments. Moreover, the dietary fiber is also necessary to prevent constipation in your large intestine.

8. Improves Metabolism

The minerals and vitamins found in the quinoa are essential to improve your metabolic rate. When your metabolism works well, it will curb increased appetite and aids in weight loss as well.

9. For Damaged Tissues and Cells

You can find adequate levels of lysine in quinoa. The nutrients help alleviate various health problems, and rejuvenating tissues and cells are one of them. It is also packed with amino acids that ward off factors that contribute to cell-damaging factors. When the cells and tissues of your body organs got damaged, risks of daunting diseases increase. This is why nutritionists recommend consuming quinoa to strengthen tissues and cells in your overall body.

10. For Hair Follicles

Protein is one of the main nutrients that you need abundantly to treat various health problems. You can reap protein and other components from quinoa to improve the condition of hair follicles. It provides a natural and gentle coating that nourishes the follicle of your hair without hurting them. Quinoa is a powerhouse of multiple amino acids that function to strengthen your hair. Moreover, the plant-based proteins are widely extracted to incorporate into high-quality hair care products as well. However, nutritionists recommend consuming foods loaded with plant protein to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair.

11. Works as a Moisturizer

You may not believe it, but regular consumption of a warm bowl of quinoa works as a moisturizer. It contains nutrients including phosphorus, iron, calcium, and zinc that seal moisture in your scalp and the result is that you will be less likely to be susceptible to dandruff, dry and itchy scalp.

Bottom Line

Quinoa is surely a magical whole grain food that can do wonders for your health. However, it is suggested to opt for anything after your doctor’s advice.

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