15 Amazing Benefits of Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo Pepper health benefits include improving vision, improving immune system, aiding intestinal disorders and digestion, supporting heart health, improving metabolism, promoting weight loss, reducing inflammation, controlling diabetes, detoxifying the body, treating cough, relieving cold, improving brain health, and relieving stress.

Among a plethora of chili variants, Aleppo pepper stands out for its mild flavor.  People from Mediterranean regions and the Middle East have been using this chili pepper for not only is fiery flavor but for its number of health benefits.  Though it is spicier than different bell peppers, Aleppo pepper contains moderate amount of heat. The sweet fruitiness that it leaves on your taste buds makes it less spicy and hot than chili pepper and Jalapeno.

Besides its fruity and fresh taste, Aleppo pepper is known to reduce fatty oleaginous of meat.  Not only is this unique kind of spicy sensation is now being used throughout the world, it is preferred for the tons of health benefits it provide including a healthy eyesight and weight loss.

Nutritional Facts of Aleppo Pepper

Nutrient           Amount

  • Total Fat 0 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 0 mg
  • Potassium 0 mg
  • Carbohydrate < 1 g
  • Protein     < 1 g

What Are Aleppo Peppers?

Originated from Aleppo, a city of Northern Syria, Aleppo peppers are widely used in different regions of the Middle East and Europe– particularly in Turkey, Lebanon, and Greece. It is a variant of Capsicum annuum.  People in this region are accustomed to using Aleppo pepper with the name of Halaby pepper.   With slight fruitiness, it has a raisins and cumin like taste. As compared to other chili variants, the heat level of Aleppo pepper is 10,000 over the Scoville scale.

With its rich and vibrant red color, Aleppo pepper offers mild hotness and the aroma of sundried tomatoes.  Typically, it is made with the dried pods of pepper that are carefully ripped to minimize the tanginess for culinary use.  Commonly use for flavoring salad, Aleppo pepper enhances the taste of a variety of other cuisines and also easily blends with other spices and herbs.

Nutrient Density of Aleppo Pepper

These are some of the common nutrients of Aleppo Pepper.

15 Amazing Benefits of Aleppo Pepper

15 Amazing Benefits of Aleppo Pepper

A moderate consumption of Aleppo Pepper can provide us numerous health benefits – such as:

1. Improved Vision

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, Aleppo Peppers are excellent herbs that can improve your eyesight. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient to protect your corneas and also helps treat the dry eyes. An adequate use of Aleppo Pepper in meals is a good way to consume vitamin A. Moreover, it keeps the eye tissue healthy and helps prevent macular degeneration, myopia, and cataract that are common in elderly people.

2. Improves Immune System

Aleppo Peppers also contain vitamin C that plays a key role in boosting the defense mechanism of your body. The bright red shade of the peppers indicates the presence of a beta-carotene which is also an immunity booster. By incorporating only 6% of the recommended quantity of Aleppo pepper in your food, you can balance a daily intake of both vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Vitamin A is a vital nutrient that keeps urinary tract, respiratory tract, and intestinal tract well functioning and healthy. The combination of both vitamin A and C serve as anti-infection defense system and strengthened antibodies.

3. Aids Intestinal Disorders and Digestion

Aleppo peppers are considered beneficial for soothing many intestinal disorders and also help in digestion. They contain a good amount of alkaloids that stimulate metabolism, making the process speedy.  Besides this, Aleppo pepper has dietary fiber as well that helps in bowel movement and prevents constipation.

4. Good for Heart Health

The presence of antioxidants in Aleppo pepper has a significant impact on your heart health. It is a potent ally of other nutrients present in Aleppo pepper that help you maintain your heart health.  These antioxidants keep the LDL cholesterol level controlled – enhancing your cardiovascular health.

5. Improves Metabolism

Unlike other variants of pepper, Aleppo peppers entail a potent quality to escalate your metabolic rate.  According to some recent studies, consuming hot peppers increases your metabolic rate and induces sweating that cools down the body by perspiring toxic minerals from the pores. This is the reason Aleppo pepper is widely consumed in tropical regions.

6. Weight Loss

You would be happy to know that Aleppo peppers increase your metabolic rate.  This further helps you burn calories and aids you lose weight faster – especially if you work out on a daily basis.

7. Reduces Inflammation

Aleppo peppers contain capsaicin – active component, which is also what causes that mild burning sensation when you eat the peppers. Though you will hot after eating he peppers, it has anti-inflammatory properties that minimize the inflammatory impact of different substances. These properties further relieve the symptoms of nerve disorders, asthma, and arthritis.

8. Controls Diabetes

A number of clinical tests proved how capsaicin helps you balance your insulin levels in the blood and produces counter effects to the symptoms that increase your sugar levels.

9. Detoxify Body

Aleppo peppers have powerful detoxifying agents that contribute to removing the toxic waste from your body.  Vitamin C is a key detoxifying agent that carries stored soluble toxins and fats away from stomach and liver to steer you clear from flatulence and other liver disorders.

10. Treats Cough

Adding Aleppo peppers to your food instead of red chili powder is considered beneficial to treat a bronchial cough. The bioactive agents of pepper reduce the viscosity of mucus and relieves cough.

11. Relieves Cold

Aleppo pepper has a potent quality to soothe a common cough, nasal congestion, and fever.  With its capability to cool down body temperature, Aleppo pepper helps you treat fever and eliminates nasal and throat mucus to relieve cold.

12. Prevents Cancer

The antioxidant properties of Aleppo pepper are known to provide protection against debilitating health disorder like cancer. The capability to actively counter free radicals, that are byproducts of cellular activities, makes this spice an excellent anti-cancer ingredient.

13. Improves Brain Health

This is another significant health benefit of Aleppo pepper.  Multiple studies confirmed that an adequate consumption of this spice improves your nervous system.  Plus, it is also used in treating nerve disorders.

14. Relieves Stress

The Mediterranean native pepper entails some effective benefits when it comes to calming your nerves to relieve stress. Aleppo pepper soothes brain by stimulating endorphins and works as a natural stress reliever.

15. Painkiller

In addition to providing mild spicy flavor to your food, Aleppo peppers are widely used as natural pain relievers. They release endorphins that have an immense capability to suppress pain. However, it is essential to take negative impacts of Aleppo pepper into account while using it as a painkiller. An excessive consumption might lead you to suffer from other unpleasant effects.

Bottom Line

All in all, adding Aleppo pepper to your meal adds an extra spark. The positive effects and fiery flavor of this unique spice provides an abundance of health benefits including improving your heart health, platelet aggregation, and aiding digestion.  However, it is essential to consume a moderate quantity of Aleppo pepper to obtain sis complete health benefits.

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