15 Top Foods That Are High In Manganese

Manganese food sources includes turmeric, corn, quinoa, soybeans, pine nuts, brown rice, sweet potatoes, lima beans, firm tofu, chickpeas, wheat germ, mussels, spinach, pineapple, and dried apricots.

From nutrients absorption to bone development, manganese performs several functions. According to recent studies, the deficiency of the mineral is quite rare. However, when it occurs, it leads you to constant joint pain, bone deterioration, and fertility problems in men and women alike.

The adequate levels of manganese in your body promote enzymes functioning, prevents epileptic seizures, and combat anemia.

Health experts recommend balancing levels of manganese to women as it helps reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is worth noting that you need only 2.3 mg of the mineral on a daily basis.

The daily dosage is moderate which you can obtain via following food sources.

1. Dried Apricots

This variety of apricots is a storehouse of several minerals including manganese. A half cup of dried apricots provides a considerable amount of manganese which promotes your overall health. However, keep an eye on the quantity you consume to avoid adverse effects.

Health benefits of dried apricots are that they balance heart rate, boost immunity, increase metabolic rate, and promote better functioning of the brain.

2. Pineapple


This sweet, juicy, and delicious tropical fruit is ideal to obtain 1.5 mg of manganese on a daily basis. A few chunks of pineapple go well in smoothies and salad recipes. So, be sure to incorporate some into your diet and embrace benefits of manganese.

Some significant health benefits of pineapple are that it keeps your body energized, boosts the immune system, prevents anemia, improves the condition of your skin, and provides antioxidants.

3. Spinach

Young spinach benefits

One cup of cooked spinach cannot only provide a slew of nutrients, but it contains 1.7 mg of manganese as well. This superfood can keep many health disorders at bay. Nutritionists recommend consuming at least three serving of spinach in a week to obtain manganese from natural and safe source.

Health benefits of spinach are that it treats anemia, promote cardiovascular health, controls cholesterol levels, improve eye health, and prevent age-related memory disorders.

4. Mussels

11 Amazing Benefits of Lipped Mussel

Only three ounces of mussels can provide up to 5.8mg of manganese which is more than your daily requirement. You can obtain some quantity of the mineral from cooked crayfish, small clams, and oysters as well. Therefore, try to incorporate any of the food sources into your diet and keep manganese levels high in your body.

Health benefits of mussels are that they improve heart rate, promote circulation, increase metabolic rate, prevent premature aging, and treat weak eyesight.

5. Roasted Wheat Germ

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

Roasted wheat germ does not only enhance the flavor of your toast, salad, or cereal but it provides around 5.7mg of manganese as well. This is one of the lesser known food sources that are a powerhouse of plenty of minerals.

Some significant health benefits of the roasted wheat germ are that it treats stomach disorders, promotes circulation, provides dietary fiber, regulates irregular bowel movement, and prevents stomach ulcers.

6.  Chickpeas


Next time when you run out of lunch ideas, go for a cup of boiled chickpeas. This way you can stay full for long hours and get 1.7mg of manganese at the same time. You can consume chickpeas in various ways and can prepare dips like hummus as well.

Health benefits of chickpeas are that they absorb excess cholesterol, prevent indigestion, boost immunity, promote circulation, and strengthen hair and nails.

7. Firm Tofu


You can 3mg of manganese from one cup of diced tofu. If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, consuming tofu is a must. It blends in well with many soup recipes. Serve bread or mashed potatoes with it to eat a nutritious meal.

Health benefits of tofu are that it helps you lose weight, controls cholesterol levels, support your psychological health, and strengthens bones and teeth.

8. Lima Beans

Lima Beans

One cup of cooked lima beans is rich in manganese and other minerals. You can get up to 2.1mg of the mineral which is close to your daily requirement. So, do not forget to add some boiled lima beans to salad, stew, or soup.

Some significant health benefits of lima beans are that they promote digestion, treat stomach disorders, increase heart rate, absorb excess cholesterol, and facilitate neurological health.

9. Sweet Potatoes

11 Surprising Benefits of Potatoes

Baked, mashed, sautéed, or steamed sweet potatoes contain around 2.5mg of manganese. You can consume one small-sized sweet potato twice a week to prevent manganese deficiency. This vegetable option is high on calories, so you need to watch its consumption.

Health benefits of sweet potato are that it keeps you full for long hours, it manages blood pressure levels, impacts insulin sensitivity, and helps prevent eye diseases.

10. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Consuming cooked brown rice can become your instant source to obtain 2.1mg of manganese. You should combine it with sautéed vegetable, beans, or chicken/fish fillet to consume a power-pack meal.

Health benefits of brown rice are that it helps you shed extra pounds; it combats indigestion, balances blood pressure levels, and keeps your body energized.

11. Pine Nuts

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pine Nuts

A handful of pine nuts can boost the level of manganese in your body. Only munching on small quantity can provide up to 2.5mg of the mineral. Pine nuts are also a storehouse of essential minerals like zinc and potassium, so you need to consume at least 2-3 servings of the nuts in a week to obtain all the goodness.

Health benefits of pine nuts are that they balance blood pressure, maintain heart rate, promote cardiovascular health, prevent memory loss, facilitate neurological health, and strengthen hair follicles.

12. Soybeans

Soybeans health benefits

Soybeans are another incredible food source that provides manganese more than you required in a day. One cup of cooked soybeans contains 4.7mg of the mineral and moderate amount of soluble and insoluble fiber.

Health benefits of soybeans are that they lower high level of cholesterol, promote circulation, increase immunity, treat stomach disorders, and help you maintain ideal body weight.

13. Quinoa

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa is a superfood that you should consume for breakfast. It is more nutritious as compared to wheat and contains a considerable amount of manganese. Quinoa also makes an excellent food option if you are looking for something low in calories.

Health benefits of quinoa are that it treats indigestion, prevents stomach ulcers, help you lose weight, keep your body energized, provides dietary fiber, and absorbs excess cholesterol.

14. Corn


Incorporating corn into your diet is beneficial in numerous ways. Plus, it provides a considerable amount of manganese as well. Corn is also rich in zeaxanthin and lutein. So, combine it with your meals and stock up manganese in your body.

Some significant health benefits of corn are that it balances sugar levels, control high blood pressure, strengthen your bone and teeth, improve memory, and prevent eye diseases.

15. Turmeric

Apart from adding flavor to your recipes, turmeric is loaded with manganese as well. Consuming turmeric in any form prevents chronic inflammation.

Health benefits of turmeric are that it prevents arthritis, protects neurological health, decreases the risk of cancer, and wards off skin infection.

Bottom Line

Manganese promotes many bodily functions and maintains your overall health. Therefore, incorporate manganese-rich foods to your diet and keep health issues at bay.

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