13 Healthy Foods that are Rich in Vitamin H

Foods that are high in vitamin H (biotin) includes broccoli, turkey, swiss chard, peanut butter, mushrooms, sweet potato, salmon, avocado, egg yolk, dairy products, nuts and seeds, red meat, cauliflower.

Vitamin H or biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that boosts the metabolic rate which promotes your health in numerous ways. Nutritionists advise to stock up vitamin H in your body as it helps convert food into fuel which your body uses to function. Biotin is also necessary to metabolize protein, fats, and carbs.

Although vitamin H deficiency occurs in rare cases, health experts still encourage making dietary changes and consuming food sources packed with biotin.  Biotin can improve the condition of your nails, skin and scalp.

Biotin is an excellent source for the growth of the healthy fetus. Plus, if you want to improve liver health, incorporate vitamin H dense foods into your diet immediately. You can find several biotin supplements. However, nutritionists recommend obtaining this vitamin via following natural sources.

13 Healthy Foods that are Rich in Vitamin H

cauliflower health benefits

1. Cauliflower

Cauliflower provides a slew of nutrients including vitamin H. You can obtain up to 4mcg of biotin from one cup of raw cauliflower. Be careful when cooking this delicate vegetable as overcooking might destroy the nutrients in it. You can consume it raw, grilled, or with grains to get your daily dose of vitamin H.

Health benefits of cauliflower are that it improves cardiovascular health, increases heart rate, balances cholesterol, keeps you full for long hours, and helps you lose weight.

2. Red Meat


Red meat options like liver can do wonders for your health if consumed in moderation. You should eat at least two servings of meat in a week to balance biotin in your body. Nutritionists reveal that consuming 3-ounce of beef liver contains around 30 mcg of vitamin H. You can also get plenty of minerals and vitamins from red meat that your body needs.

Some significant health benefits of red meat are that it prevents anemia, keeps heart rate on track, promotes psychological health, boosts energy levels, and strengthens your body.

3. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds

Consuming nuts and seeds on a daily basis is an effective way to get a considerable amount of biotin. For instance, a small-sized cup of roasted almonds provides 1.5 mcg of the vitamin, whereas you can obtain around 2.6 mcg of biotin from a quarter-cup of roasted or plain sunflower seeds. So, store some nuts and seeds at home and keep vitamin H deficiency at bay.

Health benefits of seeds and nuts are that they strengthen hair follicles, improve nail health, keep skin shiny and soft, prevent premature aging, and facilitate cardiovascular health.

4. Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Cheese, milk, and yogurt can be your ultimate source to get a considerable amount of biotin along with calcium and other essential nutrients. Health experts reveal that one cup of farm cow milk contains 0.3 mcg of vitamin H.

You should consume plain yogurt to get 0.2 mcg of biotin. Moreover, several types of cheese like blue cheese or Camembert cheese are also great sources of vitamin H. Plus, dairy products also make nutritious breakfast options that keep you full and energized for long hours.

Health benefits of dairy products are that they strengthen bones, provide a considerable amount of calcium, keep your teeth strong, and prevent age-related bone deterioration.

5. Egg Yolk

Egg Yolk

You need to stop discarding egg yolk as it contains 10 mcg of biotin. And, it benefits you whether you consume eggs in boiled or fried form. Nutritionists recommend incorporating one whole egg into the diet of children to keep biotin levels on track and to promote their healthy development.

Health benefits of egg yolk are that it provides protein, improves skin and hair, boosts immunity, increases metabolic rate, prevents bone disorders in children, and strengthen nails.

6. Avocado


People who love avocado might want to increase its consumption as the fruit contains around 6 mcg of biotin. Simply add organic avocado to your salad, prepare dips, or consume it whole to balance vitamin H levels in your body.

Some significant benefits of avocado are that it balances LDL levels, promotes heart health, prevents skin diseases, provides dietary fiber, keeps you full for long hours, and boosts energy level.

7. Salmon

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Salmon

Oily fishes like salmon are a storehouse of plenty of nutrients including biotin. A serving of cooked salmon contains up to 5 mcg of the vitamin. This fact is convincing enough to incorporate salmon into your diet. You can opt for baked or grilled salmon along with sautéed vegetable to consume a nutrient-dense meal.

Health benefits of salmon are that it strengthens hair follicles, promotes healthy skin, prevents cardiovascular diseases, balances good and bad cholesterol and impedes age-related memory deterioration.

8. Sweet Potato

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You have a reason to consume sweet potato at least twice in a week as it is one of the vegetables that are rich in biotin. A single sweet potato can provide up to 2.4 mcg of the vitamin which is also your daily requirement. One sweet potato contains 90 calories so keep an eye on its consumption if you want to avoid consuming excessive calories.

Health benefits of sweet potato are that it promotes eyes health, improves memory, balances blood pressure, improves skin condition, and keeps your body energized.

9. Mushrooms

Mushrooms health benefits

Mushrooms are low in calories and provide a considerable amount of biotin. Incorporating mushrooms into your daily diet is an excellent way to balance vitamin H in your body. Make sure to cook mushrooms lightly as overcooking may ruin the vitamin in it. A single serving of mushrooms can keep you full for long hours, which makes it an ideal food source for obese individuals.

Health benefits of mushrooms are that they stimulate brain health, prevent insomnia, promote the health of diabetics, manages cholesterol levels, and increase metabolic rate.

10. Peanut Butter

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can become a delicious source to obtain biotin in the morning. You can also add a tablespoon of butter to smoothies or dips for extra nutrition. Apart from vitamin H, you can find protein and various vitamins in peanut butter, which makes an ideal food source for growing children.

Some amazing health benefits of peanut butter are that it strengthens bones, improves weak eyesight, keeps the energy level high, promotes brain health, and prevents cavities.

11. Swiss Chard

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Swiss Chard

Leafy green vegetables like Swiss chard do not only make an excellent salad ingredient but are packed with biotin as well. A cup of raw Swiss chard contains up to 20mg of vitamin H which you require on a daily basis.

Health benefits of Swiss chard are that it promotes circulation, improves cardiovascular health, lowers high cholesterol, boosts immunity, and helps you lose weight.

12. Turkey

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You may consume turkey to build lean muscle. However, it provides a considerable amount of biotin as well. Consuming skinless turkey breast is an ideal way to keep vitamin H deficiency at bay. Be sure to discard excess fat to eat a nutritious meal.

Health benefits of turkey are that it provides protein, maintains cholesterol levels, prevents cardiovascular diseases, improves metabolic rate, curbs appetite, and promotes circulation.

13. Broccoli


A cup of broccoli contains 0.4mg of biotin. It is a storehouse of several nutrients including dietary fiber. Broccoli is one of the vegetables that promotes digestion and prevents stomach disorders.

Health benefits of broccoli includes reducing cholesterol level, supporting eye health, boosting detoxification of waste, boosting immune resistance, treating constipation, controlling blood pressure, and facilitating healthy pregnancy.

Other broccoli benefits are promoting bone health, safeguarding your stomach, reducing progression of arthritis, improving respiratory health, boosting libido and preventing cancer.

Bottom Line

You can find biotin in many food sources. Therefore, incorporate them into your daily diet and combat vitamin H deficiency.


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