11 Amazing Health Benefits of Peppermint

Peppermint has amazing health benefits that includes combating nausea, promoting digestion, fighting asthma, supporting oral health, treating allergies, maintaining psychological health, promoting weight loss, treating irritable bowel syndrome, treating gastric ulcers, treating acne, and maintaining scalp health.

You may have seen peppermint mouthwash to ward off bad breath and maintain oral health. Did you know regular consumption of peppermint in any form can treat health problems such as indigestion, nausea, headache, and various respiratory disorders?

What is Peppermint?

It is an herb that is scientifically known as Mentha. The mint family possesses over 400 species that are spread in various parts of the world.

Also, the stems and leaves of the peppermint are widely used to obtain its essential oil that is utilized by manufacturers to produce mouthwash, toothpaste, etc.

It is also considered an integral part of the fragrance industry. You can consume peppermint tea to reap plenty of nutrients that it offers.

Nutritional Value of Peppermint

  • Calcium 3 mg
  • Dietary fiber 2 g
  • Folate 4 mcg
  • Iron 2 mg
  • Magnesium 2.4 mg
  • Omega-3 fatty acids 0 mg
  • Omega-6 fatty acids 1 mg
  • Phosphorus 2 mg
  • Potassium 1 mg
  • Protein 3 g
  • Sodium 9 mg
  • Vitamin A 127 IU
  • Vitamin C  0 mg

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Peppermint

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Peppermint

1. Combats Nausea

Various factors contribute to nausea, and it can affect anyone regardless of their age. Nutritionists suggest that vomiting often occurs due to severe indigestion, but you can combat the symptoms through home remedies. Peppermint has been used in various home remedies to treat nausea for centuries.

You can drink peppermint tea at least once a day to ward off factors that contribute to utterly irritating nausea. Moreover, pregnant women also complain about it specifically in the first trimester, and they can opt for peppermint tea as well.

It will not only alleviate nausea but provide plenty of nutrients as well. However, you should not consider self-medication during pregnancy and should consult with your primary care provider.

2. Promotes Digestion

Proper digestion can help maintain your overall well-being. You may have observed that indigestion brings unease along with diarrhea, vomiting, and even constipation in some cases. You can consume peppermint tea to cure indigestion. Components such as potassium and magnesium are essential to obtain as they support your overall stomach health.

They can also help alleviate stomach burning and irritation. Moreover, incorporating peppermint tea into your daily diet is said to promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut as well. Nutritionists suggest that peppermint has potential to regulate irregular bowel movements without hurting your health.

3. For Asthma Attacks

Peppermint contains antibacterial components and is considered an excellent source that can improve the condition of asthma patients. It possesses relaxing properties, and along with this, peppermints can help relief chest congestion as well. However, in case of asthma attacks, you should seek professional help and refrain from self-medication.

4. For Oral Health

You can incorporate peppermint into your daily diet to freshen your breath. Moreover, it possesses qualities that can fight bacteria present in your mouth. This bacterium is said to create bad odor and damages your gums. If not treated on time, it could lead to a worse condition such as oral cancer. Hence, you can opt for peppermint to maintain your oral health.

5. Treats Allergies

Allergies may vary; most of them are seasonal whereas others occur due to the adverse reaction of certain foods. Nutritionists recommend that extract derived from the leaves of peppermint contains chemicals that can help relieve symptoms of allergies.

6 Maintains Psychological Health

Various factors can dismantle your psychological health that might lead to memory loss. That is why nutritionists suggest incorporating food enriched with potassium, phosphorus, and sodium into your daily diet.

These components strengthen your brain cells promoting alertness and concentration. You can find the nutrients in peppermint abundantly. Moreover, sipping on freshly brewed peppermint tea after a tiring and chaotic day is said to calm your tensed nerves as well.

7. Helps in Weight Loss

You will find the necessary components in peppermint that help in weight loss. It is a powerhouse of dietary fiber and various nourishing properties that facilitate your weight loss journey.

Nutritionists suggest that consuming 2 – 3 cups of peppermint tea regularly can boost your metabolism. And dietary fiber found in the tea will curb your hunger levels. Both factors will ultimately lead to weight loss if consumed on daily basis.

8. Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Nutritionists have revealed that the leaves of peppermint contain certain enzymes. The latter is said to be effective in case of abdominal pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome. You can consume its tea to get instant relief from the pain.

It is advised to consult with your primary physician in case of IBS immediately as opting for self-medication in this condition might contribute to a further health problem.

9. Gastric Ulcers

A study has revealed that it can protect the lining of your stomach from the adverse effects of certain factors such as ethanol and indomethacin. They are potent enough to contribute to gastric ulcers that regular consumption of alcohol cause. An overdose of painkillers can also result in gastric ulcers. Enriched with menthol and other nourishing components, peppermint tea can prevent the occurrence of the condition.

10. Treats Acne

It’s extract contains antibacterial effects that wards off acne-causing bacteria. You can apply the extract mixed with a carrier oil to get the desired results. Beauty experts suggest that regular use of the peppermint on the skin cannot only treat acne but remove acne scars as well.

It will surely improve the condition of your skin within few weeks. Moreover, natural herbs like peppermint do not contain harmful effects. Hence, it is safe to apply it on the face twice a week for lasting results. Apart from this, peppermint has remained a part of home remedies for centuries. And it can enhance complexion when mixed with lime and turmeric.

11. For Scalp Health

Like skin, the antibacterial qualities of peppermint are essential to maintaining your scalp health. Most of these scalp problems occur due to infections. If not treated on time, these infections could lead to severe hair fall. You need to opt for a natural solution in this regard to avoid further damages.

It’s extract or essential oil can work well in the case as the herb is a powerhouse of soothing and calming properties. When you massage your hair with the oil, it will provide moisture to your scalp treating the infection. Regular practice can help you achieve desired results. However, do not forget to mix it with a carrier oil before the application.

Bottom Line

Peppermint is indeed a wondrous herb that possesses various health benefits. Therefore, incorporate it and improve the quality of your life.

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