11 Home Remedies for Multiple Sclerosis

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a condition in which many nerve fibers lose their myelination and therefore, the protective sheath that covers them. It is one of the most painful and catastrophic autoimmune diseases that attack the central nervous system and target its defense, that is protective covering aka myelin sheath. The statistics show roughly 20,000 deaths caused by MS over the period of an annum.

The condition is highly debilitating and may attack the neurons in the brain, spinal nerves, and spinal cord in differing ways and at a different speed. It may cause damage all at once or leave its impact that might cause physical, psychological and cognitive impairment over time. Multiple sclerosis is very painful not only for the patient but his/her caregivers as well.

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that might be caused by a deadly infection that attacks the body’s immune system, thereby turning it against the body. Multiple sclerosis might even be caused by genetic reasons.

Some autoimmune disorders have established medical treatment, but multiple sclerosis has no proper medication or treatment to date. There are some accepted treatments or recommended therapies for MS but not only are they too painful but they are often quite ineffective to cure the condition as well.

A different statistic about multiple sclerosis shows that women are twice as likely than men to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but they have also been seen to be more receptive to treatment compared to their counterparts. Men are usually not too responsive to any remedy or therapy used to cure the condition. Proper dietary, herbal and behavioral changes can help alleviate the symptoms of the long run.

Medical treatments for MS are next to none, but some natural remedies can cure the condition effectively. These natural remedies range from using calcium, astragalus, burdock root, vitamin D, cranberry, acupuncture, massage, echinacea, marijuana, omega 3,  ginseng, ginger, milk thistle, probiotics, peppermint, and selenium to cure multiple sclerosis conditions.

Natural Remedies for Multiple Sclerosis

11 Home Remedies for Multiple Sclerosis

Following are the natural home based remedies that can prove helpful in curing the condition of multiple sclerosis:

1. Probiotics

Poor nutrient uptake is one of the side effects of multiple sclerosis which can multiply the problem caused by the disorder thereby making it difficult to live healthily. Probiotics are essential in enhancing the efficiency of the digestive system. It is a bacterium that is highly advantageous for keeping a healthy bacterial balance in the stomach. Probiotics are also very significant in soothing the inflammatory effects of the disorders because of their anti-inflammatory capacity.

2. Selenium

The natural sources for this highly essential and beneficial mineral are few but are also readily available in the form of nuts, fish and liver. Increase the intake of these immune system boosting Selenium and see the difference for yourself. These foods are bursting with this beneficial nutrient which significantly strengthen the immune system functioning and enhances metabolism.

3. Marijuana

Marijuana, being a highly sedative drug, is approved to be used for medicinal purposes in only a few countries but its effects on a painful disease like multiple sclerosis cannot be neglected. Marijuana has high nervine capacity which tranquilizes and soothes the physical symptomatology of MS; its effects are research proven.

4. Cranberry

Intake of cranberry in either direct form, as juice or supplement benefits the MS symptoms to a great extent. Cranberries are enriched with multiple minerals, organic compounds and antioxidants which improve especially the bladder control- uncontrollability of which is one of the highly debilitating symptoms of MS.

5. Omega 3

Omega 3 is not only beneficial in treating the conditions like cancer, heart ailments and obesity; these fatty acids are also highly effective in improving the immune system functioning. Furthermore, they have anti-inflammatory effects on the body which soothe the pain and suffering of those going through autoimmune disorders.

6. Peppermint

Peppermint is widely used to treat nervous system disorders, nausea, headaches and even mood disorders like clinical depression because of its soothing capacity. Bowel disorder often accompanies the condition of MS and peppermint oil has been proved to remedy this condition.

7. Massage

Sufferers of MS often also experience behavioral conditions like depression, anxiety and stress because of the highly painful nature of disease. Therefore along with dietary changes and supplement intake, behavioral changes like massage and rubbing the affected areas can improve the lifestyle and help calm nerves, if not shorten the course of the disorder.

8. Vitamin D

Research has shown that low levels of vitamin D are directly correlated with the prevalence of multiple sclerosis condition. Therefore ensuring to get enough sunshine and that too, particularly in the early diagnosis of MS can help reduce the course and symptom severity. It will help improve the overall lifestyle as well thereby keeping in touch you with nature.

9. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is widely known for its effects in soothing the pain and calming the nerves. Making sure to always be careful in mixing powerful herbal medicines is recommended though. The physiological effects of acupuncture can be complicated therefore care must be taken in implementing the strategy.

10. Ginger

Ginger is often considered to be a first line natural remedy because of its wondrous anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. It is also considered to be highly useful and beneficial in conditions like nervous discomfort, pain in the joints, digestive system issues and nausea. Because these symptoms are also commonly observed in sufferers of MS therefore ginger use is highly recommended for patients of MS.

11. Calcium

Calcium is a wonder nutrient for enhancing overall health of the body thereby making it strong; its effects range from increasing heart health, strengthening bones, to reducing and preventing cancer risk. Although calcium doesn’t directly affect the immune system or central nervous system, it improves the overall health of the body thereby improving lifestyle.

Word of Caution

Since there is no proper medical treatment for multiple sclerosis as yet, it is wise to consult a qualified medical professional even before you choose the natural remedy to lessen MS symptoms. It is best to avoid the reaction that natural herbs or supplements might cause and a medical professional will be well able to suggest you accordingly which victuals can be taken in conjunction but you should avoid that. It is otherwise also considered a good practice to add or eliminate a dietary change in or from a health regimen. If you have already been prescribed anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic or nervine medication, a doctor’s or health professional’s advice must be taken at all costs to avoid any complications.

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