13 Amazing Benefits of Guava Leaves

Guava Leaves health benefits includes controlling allergic reaction, treating bronchitis, treating infection, maintaining cholesterol levels, preventing diarrhea, controlling glucose level, detoxifying the body, maintaining oral health, promoting cardiovascular health, promoting weight loss, and treating skin acne.

Have you thought about consuming not just guava but its leaves as well? You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that guava leaves are edible and loaded with plenty of nutrients. Guava plant or Psidium guajava belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is a tropical plant and grows in a warm climate.

Although it is widely found in Mexico, other regions of Africa and Asia also cultivate several varieties of guava. It would not be wrong to claim guava as a wondrous food – not only flesh but its leaf also contains health beneficial properties. That is why the leaves of the fruit are used for various medicinal purposes.

You can incorporate the dried leaves of the fruit into your diet to treat indigestion. The leaves can also become a safe source to combat symptoms that contribute to chronic inflammation in your body. The best ways to consume guava leaves are making tea with the dried leaves and topping your salad bowl with crushed leaves.

Nutritional Value of Guava Leaves

The leaves of guava contain the following compounds.

  • Eugenol
  • Flavonoids
  • Polyphenolic compounds
  • Saponins
  • Tannins

13 Amazing Benefits of Guava Leaves

13 Amazing Benefits of Guava Leaves

1. Treats Bronchitis

The condition of bronchitis brings unease which is possible to treat via guava leaf tea. Consuming the tea loosens mucus, prevents a constant cough, and opens the lungs. Guava leaves provide a slew of antioxidants which help eliminate inflammation that often contributes to respiratory disorders.

2. Controls Allergic Reactions

Food allergies affect children and adult alike. You can control these reactions by incorporating guava leaves in any form. These leaves are a storehouse of Polyphenolic compounds and Eugenol which strengthen your immune system and dismantle the factors associated with allergies at the same time.

3. Treats Infection

The presence of infectious bacteria in your system contributes to diarrhea, fever, and dizziness. Incorporating guava leaves into your diet can help prevent the infections due to its antibacterial properties. You can also consume a cup of warm guava leaf tea to boost energy levels and recovery process.

4. Maintains Cholesterol Levels

Balancing high cholesterol levels is possible with guava leaves. Nutritionists recommend that phytochemical compounds such as catechin and gallic acid are effective to lower high cholesterol level in your blood. Guava leaves are packed with phytochemical compounds which control cholesterol production and manage levels at the same time. You can also reduce pancreatic cholesterol via consuming guava leaves on a daily basis. Despite that, you should consult your doctor and avoid self-medication in case of high cholesterol.

5. Prevents Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common health ailment which affects everyone. It occurs when colon does not absorb water because of bacterial infection. An active antibacterial compound – tannins can impede the onset of diarrhea which you can obtain via guava leaf tea. Consume the tea once in a day to speed up the recovery process. However, if your condition remains same, consult your health expert immediately.

6. Controls Glucose Level

Guava leaves contain hypoglycemic effect on your body. This indicates that the leaves are a safe source when it comes to managing glucose levels in your bloodstream. Regular consumption of the leaves can fight off the factors that contribute to the onset of type 2 diabetes. Senior people can incorporate guava leaves into their diet after discussing it with their doctor to avoid adverse effects.

7. Works as a Detoxifier

The liver plays a significant role in detoxification. Various elements damage your liver if you do not detox. Guava leaves do not the only function to eliminate toxins and chemicals, but they promote hepatoprotective activity as well. This way, your liver prevents the adverse effects of heavy medication.

8. Maintains Oral Health

The buildup of plaque in your gums leads to various oral problems. Chewing a few leaves of guava can help in this context. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in the leaves wards off bacteria that grow in the dental plaque. In addition, it is also a proven remedy to reduce gum inflammation. You can also opt for guava leaves to get of rid unpleasant mouth odor.

9. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is a kind of bad fat which contribute to plaque and atherosclerosis in your blood vessels. This condition ultimately leads to the onset of several daunting cardiovascular problems such as hypertension. You can maintain LDL formation via guava leaf tea preventing the risks of heart diseases.

10. For Weight Loss

Consuming guava leaves in any form provide two vital compounds like catechin and quercetin. Catechin burns excess body fat without hurting your health whereas quercetin hinders the growth of the fat cell. If you are trying to shed some extra pounds, drink guava leaf tea to speed up the fat burning process and to get desired results in a short time span.

11. A source of Antioxidants

Like other nutrients, your body needs an adequate amount of antioxidants as well. This compound is potent enough to destroy free radicals and reduce oxidative stress on the organs. Both factors are dangerous and contribute to organ failure and premature aging. Therefore, incorporate guava leaves into your daily diet to obtain antioxidants. This compound strengthens your immunity allowing it to combat infectious bacteria and cancerous cells.

12. Promote Hair Growth

Guava leaves can impede hair fall if you follow the remedy consistently. All you need is a handful of crushed leaves and 1-liter water. Boil leaves in the water for good 20 minutes. Once cooled, apply this water to your scalp and massage for 10 – 15 minutes – then rinse as you normally would. This natural remedy is a safe way to treat hair fall and promote hair growth, as it does not contain hazardous chemicals.

13. Treats Skin Acne

Excess oil production, dirt, and inappropriate skin care routine contribute to the onset of acne. Not to mention, acne is a complex skin problem which takes time to heal and leave marks. In most cases, acne brings redness and inflammation at the same time.

You should opt for guava leaves to get rid of stressful acne. It provides antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory components that soothe your irritated skin. In addition, regular consumption of guava leaf tea reduces redness and swelling on your face. Using guava leaves daily is also effective to remove acne marks as well.

Bottom Line

Natural sources like guava leaves come in handy when it comes to treating health issues. However, if you are suffering from chronic disease, be sure to consult your doctor before consuming guava leaves.

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