11 Impressive Health Benefits of Pomelo

Pomelo health benefits includes preventing urinary tract infection, strengthening gums, effective in treating diarrhea, helps fight off free radicals, produces collagen that ensures firm, bright and younger skin, helps treat cough and cold, helps slow down aging process and helps keep the body energized. Other benefits includes producing white blood cells, fighting viral infections and treating fever.

Pomelo is also known as Jabong, lusho, shaddock, and Chakotra. It is widely found in China and considered as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in the Chinese culture. Other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia have started its cultivation due to the numerous health benefits Pomelos possesses.

What is Pomelo?

Included in the citrus family, Pomelo is referred as an ancestor of grapefruit. This fruit is large and round in shape and has thick skin with sweet and sour fruit flesh. Whether consumed in chunks or in juice form, Pomelo provides a number of health benefits. It is refreshing and flushes out toxins from your body keeping it healthy and hydrated. Thanks to a decent amount of folic acid in the fruit, it is ideal for pregnant women. Being loaded with dietary fiber, this fruit is healthy for your digestive system. Plus, only a glass of fresh pomelo juice can provide plenty of vitamin C, which is responsible to keep various infections at bay.

Nutritional Value of Pomelo

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Pomelo

health benefits of Pomelos

1. Pomelo Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection or UTI is caused by bacteria, which should be treated adequately and on time. Consuming pomelo juice can kill bacteria as it is enriched with vitamin C. It is known to increase the acidic level in your urine that kills bacteria and impedes the reoccurrence of bacterial growth that promotes UTI.

2. It Strengthens Gums

You might not have heard it before, but consuming a pomelo maintains oral health. Since this citrusy fruit is loaded with vitamin C, it promotes collagen production as well. It is noteworthy here that collagen strengthens your gums and controls bleeding. It also prevents gums from getting weak and infected. It is essential to take extra care of your gums as weak gum often results in tooth loss.

3. It is Effective in Diarrhea

When your digestive system becomes unable to control intestinal movement, you end up getting diarrhea. Your body gets drained leaving you weak. Consuming chunks of juicy pomelo can relieve this condition. Thanks to the dietary fiber in the fruit it gets rid of the viruses and bacteria in your intestine that cause diarrhea and at the same time keeps your energy levels up.

4. Pomelos for Colon Cancer

Experts recommend taking extra care of your digestive system as an unhealthy digestive track can put you at a risk of colon cancer. They emphasized on treating bowel problems adequately and on time so that they won’t contribute to colon cancer. Moreover, a healthy digestive system prevents the growth of cancerous cells. Pomelos consumed in chunks or in juice form can be a simple yet effective source to curb a lot of digestive problems. Also, being enriched with antioxidants, pomelo fights free radicals that are known as a basic factor for every kind of cancer.

5. It Produces Collagen

Collagen ensures firm, bright and younger skin. If you want to look younger, try to store as much collagen as you can in your body. Vitamin C is known as an essential compound that boosts collagen production. And to get plenty of vitamin C, nothing is as healthy as a pomelo. It is a delicious way to enrich your body with vitamin C as it rejuvenates dead skin cells making it smooth and shiny. Also, collagen is necessary for muscles, tissues, and cells maintenance.

6. It Treats Cough and Cold

The best way to deal with cold and cough is enough rest, a lot of water and vitamin C. Pomelo can relieve this condition without any adverse effects. Moreover, it is tastier and more refreshing compared to the treatment course prescribed by your physician. So, don’t wait and stock plenty of pomelos at home to avoid utterly irritating colds.

7. Pomelos are Anti-Aging

Apart from vitamins, the citrusy pomelo is loaded with antioxidants that perform a number of functions. When combined, these components fight free radicals as they are highly damaging. It is noteworthy here that free radicals aren’t just responsible for cancerous cells, but they contain minor adverse effects as well such as premature aging and degeneration of skin cells. This condition makes you look older, which is troublesome. Hence, consuming fresh pomelo juice can combat these minor skin problems adequately.

8. It keeps Your Body Energized

Recovering from an injury is a long process. In most cases, you become so weak that even a small task seems strenuous. Moreover, prolonged sickness drains energy, which often impacts your immune system. This is why consuming pomelo during recovery process is necessary as it provides enough nutrients to your body energized it again. Also, the vitamins and minerals found in the fruit are known to strengthen the immune system.

9. It Produces White Blood Cells

It is a lesser known fact, but white blood cells are equally necessary as red blood cells. Your body needs plenty of these cells to combat various virus and bacteria. They don’t just support your immune system, but are responsible to ensure proper blood flow. Thanks to the immense quantity of vitamin C in pomelo it contributes to the growth of white blood cells.

10. It Fights Viral Infections

Viral infections are utterly irritating as they spread out quick, but it takes time to heal from the infection. Plus, coming down with a cold and flu is daunting, you can’t go outside and the doctor puts on some heavy medications. Why not opt for a natural medications instead? This is essentially where pomelos come into play. They are packed with the minerals and vitamins that can combat the symptoms associated with cold and flu and keep your immunity up.

11. Pomelos for Fever

High fever can be devastating – moreover, with fever, you should also expect nausea and splitting headaches. Instead of opting for over the counter medicine, you can eat pomelos to quickly bring the temperature of your body down. The sweet and sour pomelo juice has the potency to relieve fever symptoms. It also works as an energy booster for fever patients and is beneficial for children and adults alike.


You won’t believe that a sweet and sour fruit contains components are extremely important for your well being. Consuming fresh pomelos in any form relieve fever, improve digestion, rejuvenate skin cells and what not. So, don’t wait and incorporate this mighty fruit into your daily diet to stay healthy, fit and active.

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