11 Impressive Health Benefits of Raisins

Raisins amazing health benefits includes treating anemia, preventing cancer, promoting proper digestion, combating hair loss, treating skin diseases, treating joint pains, regulating body pH level, relieving fever, support eye health, boosting energy level, supporting dental health, and curing insomnia.

What are Raisins?

Raisins are packed with nature’s gifts including all essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Raisins have a phytochemical known as resveratrol, best known for its cholesterol lowering and anti-cancer qualities.

It serve as a nutritious alternative to many of today’s chemically processed foods such as chips and crisps. Although they are delicious enough to eat alone, they are a regular component of hundreds of nutritious salads and foods. The popular carrot raisin salad offers a wonderful combination of both crunchy and sweet flavors. It’s easily accessible and available in all local super-markets in large and small containers. Make sure you purchase good quality raisins that are packaged properly.

There are dozens of benefits of consuming raisins. Here are a few of the conditions that can be successfully relieved by consuming raisins.

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Raisins

Raisin health benefits

1. Anemia

Since, it’s packed with iron, copper and B complex vitamins; they are a valuable addition to your daily diet. You can steer clear of anemia or iron deficiency by regularly consuming raisins.

2. Cancer

High levels of polyphenolic antioxidants, known as catechins, hunt for the free radicals that lead to the occurrence of tumors, particularly colon cancer. Including raisins in your diet is a great way to prevent many forms of cancers.

3. Poor Digestion

Raisins are particularly known for containing a rich content of fiber. Hence, they serve as a great remedy to treat chronic constipation. If you want to regularize your bowel movements, use raisins regularly to keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy.

4. Acidity

There are many essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium present in raisins. These are especially helpful in reducing acidity. Moreover, they also relieve many metabolic conditions that lead to blood toxicity. Hence, they are an effective treatment against many health conditions.

Consuming it is a great way to combat hair loss, skin diseases and joint pain. Raisins help in regulating the body’s pH level to prevent acidity and its side effects.

5. Fever

Since they are rich in phenolic phytochemicals, they are great antibacterial and antioxidant agents. Raisins are helpful in relieving bacterial infections or fever caused by viruses.

6. Poor Eye Health

It also include many polyphenolic phytonutrients that are great for ocular health. Because they guard our eyes from many damages caused by free radicals, we can prevent several eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts by regularly consuming raisins.

They are also good sources of vitamin A and beta carotene to improve eyesight for maintaining good eye health.

7. Low Energy

If you feel low, eat a handful of raisins to boost your spirits. They are packed with carbs, especially natural sugars including glucose and fructose. This is why raisins are always handy when you need a quick boost of energy. They also help in good absorption of all essential nutrients including proteins in the body.

It is not surprising to know that many athletes and body builders eat plenty of raisins to elevate their energy levels.

8. Bad Dental Health

Another great benefit of raisins is that it contains a phytochemical called oleanolic acid that offers incredible protection against all kinds of dental problems. If you suffer from cavities, tooth decay or brittle teeth; raisins will prevent any bacterial growth in your mouth. Moreover, raisins are also rich in calcium to protect tooth enamel.

9. Hypertension

If you frequently experience high blood pressure, eat a handful of raisins to give regulate your blood flow. Since they contain many antioxidants along with iron, potassium and B-complex vitamins; It’s helpful in reducing the stiffness of blood vessels. This greatly helps in relieving and lowering hypertension. The absence of sodium makes it a great snack during hunger pangs.

10. Cures Insomnia

They are also recommended as a beneficial treatment to help sleep disorders. It’s guaranteed to fix a distorted sleep pattern.

11. Poor Bone Health

As mentioned above, raisins also contain good amounts of calcium. This is important to strengthen bones and relieve joint pain. Raisins are also great sources of a micronutrient, boron. Our body needs it in small quantities for efficient calcium absorption and bone formation.

It’s also beneficial in preventing menopause induced osteoporosis and supports good bone health.

More Health Benefits of Raisin

There are many other benefits of raisins that do a lot more to help us lead a healthier life. It is often recommended to consume for relieving constipating, lifting energy levels and to improve the quality of our hair and nails.

The rich fiber content helps keep us full for a longer time. It is a great snack if you want to avoid unhealthy food choices. They are also beneficial for weight watchers who want to include natural sugars into their daily diet without increasing their cholesterol levels.

Nutritional Value of Raisin

It greatly helps to eat raisins every day. They also serve as a great laxative owing to its impressive fiber content. Moreover, raisins also keep the bowel movement regular and flush all waste products and toxins out of our system.

They are loaded with all essential nutrients to guarantee exceptionally healthy hair and skin. They also contain vitamin C that helps in maintaining the follicle’s connective tissue or more commonly known as collagen. Hence, people who are experiencing hair loss are recommended to consume raisins. Moreover, the vitamin E present in raisins fortifies all the cell membranes in our body to prevent any damage due to free radicals.

Like many dried fruits, they are used for getting a quick energy boost. Raisins are high in calories. Every 100 grams serving offers 249 calories. They offer incredible benefits to maintain good health and to support our immunity.

Anyone who is looking to substitute his unhealthy snacks with naturally sweet foods should definitely include raisins in his diet. They are a healthy way to lose weight since raisins serve as a healthy option to replace unhealthy sweets.

How to Buy Good Quality Raisins?

It is important that you invest in only quality raisins. Since, they are available from many different brands in all varieties; choosing only fresh raisins is essential to reap their benefits. Always buy raisins from a reputed and safe store. If you are buying them online, make sure you check the reviews of the online retailer.

It is always great to buy full-fleshed raisins. Do not buy old stocks that may be affected by sunburn, insects or any other factor that has affected the way they naturally look, smell and taste.

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