11 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Testosterone is an extremely important male hormone that helps men develop their muscles, increase and maintain their libido, retain hair growth among a slew of other important bodily functions. Beyond this, the hormones further play a significant role in maintaining energy levels and bone density.

However, the level of testosterone production in the testicles does not remain the same. There are a number of reasons that contribute to a gradual decline of male gonadal hormones that include a sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, and exposure to environmental toxins in different forms. As a result, a number of males observe a faltering in their sex drive, an unpleasant change in their sleep habits, and weight gain.

Fortunately, there are ways you can opt to boost your testosterone levels.  Just by making certain changes in your dietary lifestyle you can maintain a healthy level of testosterone and enjoy sexual rejuvenation.

What is Testosterone?

Commonly called as testosterone, the male sex hormones belong to the group of androgens that are anabolic steroids. These hormones are considered significant for maintaining the reproductive lifecycle of males. Mainly produced in the testes, they are controlled by pituitary glands and the brain’s hypothalamus to be instructed to produce testosterone.

The hormones play a crucial role in developing male sex organs. They are also important in strengthening the secondary characteristics of sex at puberty that includes the growth of body and facial hair, testes size, and increased penis size. The hormones are responsible for sperm production and escalating sex drive in males.

Testosterone-Boosting Foods

11 Testosterone Boosting Foods

1. Hot Sauce

According to a recent study conducted in France – it has been discovered that men who are fond of spicy foods have a comparatively higher level of testosterone. Researchers marked a clear correlation exist between high level of testosterones and hot sauce usage. The study further pointed out the presence of fiery compounds such as capsaicin and associated these compounds with an in increased testosterone levels as are rich in macronutrients.

Moreover, capsaicin is a significant component that optimizes sexual functions and stimulates the growth of sex organs. Adding foods that incorporate good amount capsaicin like hot sauce in your diet plan are the easy sources to improve your testosterone production.

2. Oysters

Oysters are another nutritiously rich food that has been linked to boosting your testosterone level.  It is because oysters contain a decent quantity of zinc, a nutrient that is known to elevate testosterone while triggering the hormones that enhance physical performance during intercourse. Doctors consider zinc deficiency as a major risk factor for increasing infertility in men caused by the poor level of testosterone.

A recent study showed that a daily intake of zinc supplementation doubles sperm levels present in testosterone. Optimizing sexual functions, zinc is considered an active nutrient required to stimulate testosterone growth. Adding foods like spinach, nuts, pumpkins, beans, cocoa powder, and wheat germs in your diet plan are the easy sources to improve your zinc consumption.

3. Tuna for Stimulated Sex Drive

You must have heard about ideal aroma and flavor of tuna that helps elevate your mood immediately and increases your appetite at the same time. Tuna; however, has much more than just boosting your food craving as it stimulates the production of testosterone to reinvigorate sexual stimulation. The presence of vitamin D in tuna bolsters testosterone levels and triggers your pituitary glands to produce more sex hormones. A study conducted at Graze Medical University, Australia, has proven that Tuna boosts the production of testosterone up to 90%.

4. Shrimps

No longer do you need to worry about your testosterone production if you are seafood lover – especially if you love shrimps.  The sea creature is not full of flavors but is considered significant when it comes to boosting your vitamin levels that are essential to enhance testosterone growth. A study conducted by Harvard School of Boston has also proven shrimps as a powerhouse of macronutrients – particularly vitamin D.

5. Beets for Healthy Testosterone Production

Boron, according to some recent studies is a vital chemical contributing to the healthy production of testosterone. Beets or red root vegetables are an excellent source you can ensure to take an adequate amount of boron. Experts believe that boron boosts testosterone with the help of methylation – a process of integrating methyl and other chemicals into DNA. Thus, eating beets does not only balance red blood count in your body but improves your testosterone production as well.

6. Fortified Cereals

A lot of studies have linked cereals with increasing the quantity of vitamin-D in the body. Vitamin-D plays a vital role in enhancing the production of testosterone. Breakfast cereals contain another potent supplement of macronutrients that stimulate testosterone production and also support the growth of male reproductive organs – especially during puberty.

7. Ricotta Cheese

Elevating testosterone production is one of the important health benefits of cheese. This lasagna staple contains high protein content which acts as a catalyst that strengthens the testes to produce healthy and active sex hormones. A study conducted at the University of Connecticut has shown how a deficiency of protein increases cortisol – an anxiety hormone that affects libido in men.  Consuming an adequate quantity of ricotta cheese is considered an important perk that triggers sex stimulation while boosting testosterone.

8. Cruciferous Vegetables

Loading up your meals with cruciferous vegetables like Brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, and cauliflower is another convenient alternative to boost testosterone production. All of these vegetables are highly nutritious and entail indole-3 carbinol, which is an essential chemical component to increase your estradiol excretion up to 55%, which in turn lead to an active production of testosterone. The cruciferous vegetable can easily be consumed in salad form and take your minimal efforts to prepare them.

9. Garlic for Regulating Testosterone Production

This culinary favorite is attributed to showing an indirect impact on improving testosterone levels.  Garlic is rich in natural diallyl disulfide – a sulfur-containing a chemical that tends to trigger luteinizing hormone for regulating the production of testosterone. Thus, it is important to take garlic supplements and high-protein diets to boost the level of testosterone.

10. Olive Oil

In addition to providing numerous healthy monosaturated fats, olive oil is also highly valued for enhancing testosterone level in males.  A study has shown an increase up to 17.4% in testosterone level in people who consumed an adequate quantity of olive oil daily.

11. Pomegranate

According to researchers, pomegranate juice contains potent components to increase testosterone levels up to 30% in men. Queen Margaret University in its exploratory research has surfaced how daily consumption of pomegranate juice helps reduce blood pressure. Furthermore, it improves the function of testes by strengthening the communication between hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which in turn results in better testosterone growth.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, as testosterone production is a natural process, it is important that you try variety of foods before opting for artificial testosterone boosting supplements. All the food sources that are mentioned above are effective only if you ensure their consistent and adequate daily intake.

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