13 Foods That Are High In Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in adults. It may sound strange but vegans are prone to vitamin B12 deficiency as this vitamin is found in animal-based food sources which vegans avoid.

On the other hand, alcohol, gastric disorders, pernicious anemia, or antacids leads to vitamin B12 deficiency as well. Some children develop the deficiency which can lead to serious health problems if not treated in time.

A healthy adult requires only 2.4 mcg on a daily basis. In case of severe deficiency, you need to consult with your doctor to overcome it immediately.

Nutritionists recommend incorporating following food sources into your diet to balance the levels of vitamin B12 in your body.

13 Foods That Are High In Vitamin B12

White Mushrooms

1. White Button Mushrooms

One cup of raw white button mushrooms contains 0.03 mcg of vitamin B12. Most vitamins are found in the outer skin of the white mushrooms. Take note that cooking can destroy water-soluble B vitamins. Therefore, do not overcook mushrooms, simply sauté or steam some and they are ready to eat.

2. Turkey

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It seems like you have a solid reason to prepare several turkey recipes. A serving of turkey contains around 48.2 mg of vitamin B12. Nutritionists recommend consuming up to three servings of turkey in a week to prevent the deficiency of vitamin B12. However, be careful with seasoning and ingredients to make it a health-friendly meal.

3. Bran Flakes

Bran Flakes

Vegetarians or vegans who are lactose intolerant do not find vitamin B12 in most of the plant-based food options. That is where fortified cereals come into the play. You can opt for options like bran flakes which are a storehouse of protein and dietary fiber along with vitamin B12.

Bran flakes contain 7.9 mcg of vitamin B12. So, do not wait and pile up your kitchen cabinet with nutritious fortified cereals.

4. Salmon

Salmon health benefits

A salmon fillet keeps vitamin B12 deficiency at bay. Incorporating 2-3 serving of salmon into your diet will stock up your body with essential nutrients like vitamin B12 in a short time.

Obtaining the vitamin via salmon prevent issues like bloating as it is low in calorie and contains 9 mcg of vitamin B12. You should go for wild Alaskan salmon which is an eco-friendly variety.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt health benefits

A bowl of fresh yogurt topped with berries and nuts is one of the delicious ways to obtain vitamin B12. Plain yogurt contains around 1.3 mcg of vitamin B12 which is close to your daily requirement.

Moreover, you can consume it for breakfast or prepare a smoothie with a low-fat yogurt variety as well. If yogurt causes indigestion, you can always switch to full or low fat milk as it also contains vitamin B12.

6. Eggs


Vegetarians will be surprised to learn that eggs provide up to 17% of vitamin B12. You can consume one or more eggs in a day to stock up the vitamin in your body. This indicates you should opt for options like hard-boiled eggs or vegetable omelet without giving it a second thought.

Apart from chicken eggs, you can also obtain vitamin B12 from goose, duck, and quail eggs. Nutritionists have revealed that each goose egg contains around 7.3 mcg of vitamin B12 which is highest amongst all eggs. Although most of the vitamin is present in the yolk you can find some of it in the white part as well.

7. Swiss Cheese

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Swiss cheese contains 0.9 mcg vitamin B12. You can prepare delish meals that contain some Swiss cheese to boost your nutrient intake. You can even top your salad bowl with shredded cheese variety. In case you do not find Swiss cheese, look for parmesan, feta, or mozzarella cheese which provides 0.6 mcg, 0.5 mcg, and 0.3 mcg vitamin B12 respectively.

8. Chicken

Skinless Chicken

Meat lovers will be delighted to learn that a chicken breast is a powerhouse of vitamin B12. You can obtain up to 13.7 mcg of vitamin from one serving of grilled chicken breast. Not to mention, chicken is one of the food sources that are easy-to-consume. However, you should avoid overeating due to high calories and carbs that can damage your health.

9. Sardines

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This tiny fish option is not only tasty, but is loaded with essential nutrients like vitamin B12 as well. There is a canned variety of sardines available which contain 20% of your daily vitamin requirement. We suggest opting for freshly grilled ones to obtain maximum benefit.

Consuming sardines at least twice a week improves cognition in adults and prevents the onset of chronic diseases such as dementia.

10. Red Meat


Red meat options like lamb or ground beef can increase levels of vitamin B12 in your body. One steak contains 2.4-2.7 mcg of vitamin B12 which is the highest as compared to chicken and turkey. You can even opt for a variation and consume lamb chops which provide around 2.2 mcg of the vitamin.

11. Crustaceans

Shrimp health benefits

When finding food sources packed with vitamin B12, do not overlook crustaceans like shrimps, crabs, crayfish, or lobsters as each variety has a considerable amount of vitamin B12. You will be astonished to learn that many B12 supplements are made with the oil derived from the crustaceans.

So, next time when dining in a fancy restaurant, order shrimps or spiny lobsters to get a quick dose of vitamin B12. Just a single serving of shrimps can provide up to 1.1 mcg of the B12 vitamin.

12. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese health benefits

Consuming cottage cheese to stock up vitamin B12 in your body is a nutritious option for senior people who have chronic diseases. You can also consume one piece of fresh cottage cheese if you avoid excess calories. This variety of cheese blends in well with several recipes. One block of cottage cheese contains 19% of vitamin B12 along with a slew of other nutrients.

13. Grilled Tuna

Do not hesitate to purchase tuna fish when you go grocery shopping the next time. Tuna fish, whether canned or grilled, is loaded with vitamin B12, protein, and omega-3s. This fatty fish improves your overall health even if you consume it only twice a week.

Just grill a few pieces of tuna fish along with sautéed vegetables and get a dose of B12 vitamin before going to bed.

Bottom Line

No question, there are many food options available to increase levels of vitamin B12 in your body. We suggest moderate consumption of fish fillets or red meat to steer clear of adverse effects. Consulting a health expert in case of vitamin deficiency is also essential. This way, you can find an effective and lasting way to treat vitamin B12 deficiency without hurting your wellbeing.

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