21 Aphrodisiac Foods To Improve Your Sex Life

Aphrodisiac Food. Proper nutrition is an often overlooked and ignored aspect of sex drive. Reason? Processed and genetically modified foods fail to boost sex hormones of both men and women and do not allow them to function at their most. What’s even worse is that people don’t realize the cause of their low libido is their innocent looking food! There is a lot of evidence that some specific components in different foods can increase sexual function and make the overall experience better. These foods aid to stimulate sexual desires in the human body. Having relaxant, circulatory, visual, and sensory as well as muscle strengthening impacts on the body which in turn stimulates the brain.

21 Aphrodisiac Foods To Improve Your Sex Life

So, if you are looking to put some sizzle back into your bored sex life, food can definitely help you out with that. Here is a list of top 21 foods that can help you turn the heat up!

1. Watermelon


Don’t even think of ditching this divine summer staple. Watermelon helps to relax the blood vessels which improves blood flow to the sexual organs and this in turn may enhance arousal. The secret ingredient in watermelon is the ‘phytonutrient citrulline’. This amino acid is most concentrated near the rind of the fruit. So don’t forget about that! Since the fruit is termed as the natural Viagra, there have been a lot of attempts to introduce the fruit’s amino acid into man-made health supplements. But cells in the human body respond to watermelon juice better than artificial supplements. So, next time you feel like getting in the mood, consider making watermelon juice or simply eat it raw. It’s all about getting creative with the recipes.

2. Almonds


Now, almonds have long been thought to enhance passion and desire in human bodies. It’s a super feisty food to stimulate sexual drive and to help with reproduction & fertility. Almonds are rich in various trace minerals which are crucial for better sexual health and functioning. These include vitamin E, zinc and selenium. No one is really sure of the entire mechanism behind it but experts say, eating almonds most certainly helps to enhance libido.

3. Celery


One might never think of celery as sex-inducing food, but it’s a great stimulant. Celery contains ‘androsterone’ hormone which increases the pheromone levels in a man’s sweat. It has no odor but signals virility. This makes the man attractive to the woman and triggers their sexual appetite. If you want nothing to mess with your libido, better eat celery raw. Eat it organic and don’t cook it.

4. Avocados


This fruit has its aphrodisiac roots in the history. The Aztecs nicknamed avocado as “ahuacatl/testicles” primarily because of the shape of this fruit. And the Catholic Spanish priests considered this fruit so great a sexual stimulant that they forbade parishioners to consume them out of fear of avocado shortage. But the real scientific reason behind avocados being aphrodisiac is their rich content in unsaturated fats and lesser saturated fats. This property makes this fruit good for the heart and arteries, which means it keeps the blood flowing to all the right places. Also rich in folic acid and vitamin B6, avocados help to increase and maintain the overall energy level which is good for getting in the mood.

5. Strawberries


The color is surely good enough to turn the heat up. Men typically find red color sexy. This fruit is rich in folic acid and vitamin B, good for both fertility and enhancing sexual desire. That’s one reason why they sell chocolate dipped strawberries on Valentine’s Day.

6. Dates

Dates have long been associated with increasing sexual stamina. These are in fact, quite popular in parts of Nigeria as an instant dose of sugar which makes you get things going.

7. Walnuts

11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Walnuts

Walnuts are a great source of L-arginine. After getting converted into nitric oxide, this keeps blood flow smooth in arteries, an important factor for supplying oxygen to sex organs. Additionally, walnuts also improve the sperm quality and vitality. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts are best known to boost dopamine which assists with erections.

8. Bell Peppers

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

An abundant source of vitamin C, helps in better blood circulation to vital organs and is linked to an improved female libido. Red ones are even better so don’t forget to add them to your grocery cart.

9. Garlic

Garlic health benefits

We know, no one wants to be stinking of this food during those passionate moments. But garlic contains ‘allicin’ which enhances blood flow to the sex organs. In addition to it, it stimulates blood circulation for better endurance during sexual activity. Basically, the heat in garlic stirs up your desire level. Plus, it’s versatile when it comes to cooking. You can add it in any recipe you want. But make sure to keep fresh breath mints right next to you. Or if you are totally uncomfortable with munching on raw garlic, go for garlic capsules.

10. Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans health benefits

Scoop them into your salad bowl and these magical beans are guaranteed to enhance sex frequency and are also associated with improved female sexual urge.

11. Chick Peas

13 Amazing Benefits of Chickpeas

Experts suggest that half a cup of chickpeas are sufficient to deliver almost 30 percent of the daily intake requirements. Rich in vitamin B6, these help to keep levels of estrogen and testosterone in balance.

12. Figs

Figs health benefits

Rich in magnesium and zinc, figs are not only good for the testosterone but also help to enhance the pheromones secretion. So basically figs function by being both a fertility booster as well as a natural food to attract mating partner. These are taken as extremely sensual foods for their resemblance to female sex organs and also go a long way in the history of aphrodisiac foods. Legend has it figs were one of the most cherished foods by Cleopatra. They are packed with fiber which is again important for heart health and gives you a feeling of fullness, so that makes it an excellent diet food too. You can easily achieve that sexy belly with figs. What could be better?

13. Pomegranate Juice

15 Impressive Health Benefits of Drinking Pomegranate Juice

A triple threat! This natural aphrodisiac enhances testosterone levels and stimulates sexual desires in addition to improving the overall mood, reducing stress levels and increasing memory. Stock your pantry. This might help you go on a healthy diet to achieve that slim sexy waist.

14. Eggs

 Health Benefits of Egg Yolk

Not only do these help balance your hormone levels, they also fight stress and anxiety. Above all, eggs are a symbol of reproduction and fertility. Excellent for enhancing libido and maximizing energy levels.

15. Pine Nuts

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pine Nuts

Popular since medieval times; these are known to heighten sexual desires and competency by increasing testosterone levels. These contain zinc, which has been known to contribute to sexual stamina. Toss them into your salad and that’s enough to stroke the fire.

16. Chocolate

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is clearly associated with erotic qualities even if you are not thinking of having sex. It helps in thinning of blood and causes an improved blood circulation to sex organs leading to endurance and increased sexual stamina. Chocolate contains a chemical known as “phenylethylamine” which boosts mood and feelings similar to falling in love.

17. Bananas

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Banana

Not only are bananas rich in nutrients that increase sex hormones production, but they also resemble the male sex organ. Along with containing bromelain enzyme which increase libido, it is believed to reverse impotency in men. Additionally, potassium and riboflavin increase the body’s energy levels.

18. Spinach

Young spinach benefits

The folic acid in green leafy vegetables such a spinach not only boost the libido but also fights fertility problems. So yes to spinach.

19. Oysters

Oysters health benefits

Known as the love drug, oysters are simply delicious. These are excellent to stirring things up and get you into the mood. Oysters enhance testosterone levels in men and increase progesterone production in women which is why is it boosts libido in both men and women. Zinc is oysters is also important for sperm health and count. Oysters have been associated with their aphrodisiac qualities in history as well. Legend has it that the 18th century lover, Casanova used to eat 50 oysters in a single day for breakfast.

20. Asparagus


No doubt, it looks a bit like something you are already familiar with. According to ancient doctrines, if a certain food resembles a human body part, it may improve the health of that particular organ. And if it looks like a sex organ, then it is meant to improve sexuality on the whole. This food is high in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus along with potassium; a perfect package to enhance energy level and stimulate sex hormones.

21. Truffles


Their scent resembles male pheromones which means they are good for your woman. No denying, truffles are an excellent aphrodisiac.

Why choose pills and medication when the cure is right there in your pantry. Stop spending your fortune on drugs and try going a little organic. Take a look into your refrigerator and eat these foods to boost your sex drive. Not only are these a great source of nutrition, but also help boost energy levels as well as sexual function. They will make you and your partner feel great.

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