11 Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate health benefits includes boosting psychological health, supporting eye health, promoting blood circulation, works as an energy booster, support oral health, a good source of anti-oxidants, support cardiovascular health, and treats cough. Other benefits includes keeping your stomach full, strengthening immune system, and enhancing your mood.

What is Dark Chocolate?

Chocolate lovers will be delighted to learn that it could become a source of essential nutrients for them without having any adverse effects on their health in the long-run. It somewhat depends on the ingredients added to it. Nutritionists suggest consuming chocolate made with 70%– 80% cocoa is beneficial for your overall well-being. From this variety, you’ll be consuming a minimum quantity of butter, sugar, and other preservatives.

Moreover, avoid incorporating other varieties or eating chocolaty desserts as they contain high sugar content and calories that contribute to weight gain and various health problems. Thus, cocoa and dark chocolate function together to improve your psychological health.

Nutritional Value of Dark Chocolate

A bar of 100-gram dark chocolate contains the following nutrients.

  • Copper 89%
  • Dietary fiber 11g
  • Iron 67%
  • Magnesium 58%
  • Manganese 98%
  • Phosphorus 33%
  • Potassium 22%
  • Selenium 11%
  • Zinc 22%

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

1. It Boosts Psychological Health

You may not believe it but consuming dark chocolate can improve your psychological health. It is a powerhouse of plenty of nutrients that function to soothe your tensed nerves. You can opt for a piece of dark chocolate in the state of despair. It will ease your condition reducing high stress and anxiety levels.

Moreover, studies have shown that people who frequently eat dark chocolate have enhanced cognitive abilities. It is also a delicious source to improve concentration that helps you perform various functions.

2. For Eye Health

Scientists have revealed that dark chocolate is a fantastic food that has potential to improve your overall eye health. It is useful for weak eyesight. Dark chocolate can impede the occurrence of eye infections as well.

However, no evidence is available to show its effects on eye diseases like cataracts, dry eyes, or macular degeneration. Also, it is essential that you consult with an optometrist if you’re coming down with an eye infection instead of eating tons of chocolate.

3. For Blood Circulation

Dark chocolate is a powerhouse of various minerals and vitamins that facilitate proper blood circulation. Nutritionists suggest that consuming an adequate quantity of dark chocolate regularly can strengthen your blood vessels. It is also a mouth-watering source to neutralize blood pressure in your body.

Studies have shown that it is potent enough to flush out harmful cholesterol; however, more reviews are underway in this regard. It is noteworthy here that you should avoid eating excess dark chocolate if you have diabetes.

4. Works as an Energy Booster

You can give your energy levels a quick boost by consuming a piece of dark chocolate with mild cocoa content in it. Incorporating it into your daily routine will ward off factors that contribute to sudden fatigue. You can also munch on a tiny piece of the chocolate before a hardcore gym session. However, in case of constant fatigue and dizziness, you should consult with your primary care provider as it could be a symptom of a severe health problem.

5. For Oral Health

You may find it contradictory, but studies have revealed that dark chocolate can help achieve better oral health. Other types of chocolates are more damaging because they do not contain theobromine like dark chocolate does. Theobromine is a component that has potential to fight tooth decay. The nutrient can combat bacteria that damage your oral health. No doubt dark chocolate can improve your oral health, but you should not forget to opt for frequent dental hygiene.

6. A Source of Anti-Oxidants

Enriched with antioxidants, dark chocolate can do wonders for your overall well-being. Antioxidants are known to alleviate various health-damaging factors such as toxins, chemical, infectious bacteria, free radicals, and even cancerous cells. They can also prevent oxidative stress mainly caused by free radicals. These cells can produce different types of cancers in the body. Thus, consuming dark chocolate can prevent your body from steering clear of the symptoms associated with cancer and other debilitating illnesses, which also includes pre-maturing aging.

7. For Cardiovascular Health

Nutritionists recommend that consuming a small amount of dark chocolate can improve your heart health. It helps perform functions such as allowing proper flow of blood. It can prevent blood clotting in your arteries, inflammation and cell damage. However, do not forget that everything works best in moderation. Also, it would be even better if you consult with your cardiologist before incorporating dark chocolate into your daily routine.

8. Treats Cough

Constant coughs are indeed worrisome. You can ease this condition by consuming a tiny piece of dark chocolate. The component theobromine found in it is said to control your coughs along with inflammation caused by it. Experts, however, encourage consulting with your primary care provider in a case like this to avoid further health problems.

9. Keeps You Full

It would not be wrong to declare dark chocolate a whole food as it is loaded with plenty of nutrients along with the adequate levels of fiber. When you consume it regularly, it will keep you full for hours providing you enough energy. Therefore, keeping a bar of it at home is a smart idea. You can munch on it in case of sudden hunger or can consume some as a healthy snack.

10. Strengthens Immune System

Studies have proved that dark chocolate can strengthen your immune system. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants that function to protect it from the harmful effects of internal and external damaging factors. The latter is potent enough to weaken the cells of your immune system, and as a result, it falls prey to disease-causing bacteria, infections, toxins, and free radicals. Apart from this, other components found in dark chocolate also function to improve the condition of your immune system.

11. Enhance Your Mood

It can become a delicious source to enhance your mood. Studies have revealed that it is packed with phenethylamine. The compound is known to release endorphins. The latter functions to improve your mood, allowing you to feel good and have a positive frame of mind. Moreover, many studies have also proved that stress hormones can be controlled by consuming dark chocolate due to the properties found in it. Therefore, next time when you feel upset for no reason, try munching on some of it and let it do the job for you.

Bottom Line

Dark chocolate is undoubtedly a fantastic food that does not contain health-damaging properties. Nutritionists recommend some quantity of it into your daily diet. Therefore, you should incorporate it but do not ignore the fact that anything consumed in excess amounts can damage your health – and the case is similar to dark chocolate.

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